What is this Magnetic Fields song reminding me of?
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What song does "Long Forgotten Fairytale" by the Magnetic Fields remind me of?

The first couple times I listened to the song, I felt that verse parts of the song reminded me strongly of something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Not the chorus, but the meter of the verse bits, e.g., "After all the sleepless nights, when I turned on all the lights... I would have hit them."

The whole album is supposed to be about other songs and artists, so it's possible it's a deliberate homage. I listened to it repeatedly, trying to figure it out, but at this point it reminds me of "Long Forgotten Fairytale."

Any guesses?

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkOUVAsIfsM
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure that's it.

My first inclination was that the song had female vocals so was probably thinking of the Black Box Recorder version of Season in The Sun.
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I'm just piping in to say that two of my favorite songs have been mentioned in this thread and that's awesome ("Fairytale" and BBR's version of "Seasons").

Also, I had a coworker with a similar knack for recognizing recycled melodies. She'd sing the other song while one was playing and weird the hell me out of me. Especially when she'd start singing Freezepop to the Pixies.
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This has been bugging me forever too! Also, I've always thought the beginning of Long Forgotten Fairytale sounded like an Erasure song or something else from the 80s. And another one...The Magnetic Fields' 'Sweet Lovin' Man' has an annoying allusion to something else that I've never been able to to figure out either. The lyrics "Some have travelled far and wide/Some have given up and died..." Got anything for that one, The World Famous?
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And before Terry Jacks did "Seasons in the Sun" Jacques Brel write it as "Le Moribund" (the Dying Man). If you really want to impress people by singing over Long Forgotten Fairytale learn the French.
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Rongorongo- Does that mean there's a Scott Walker cover? Because that'd be just as cool. Especially if you can do the Scott Walker voice.
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I had actually never heard that song. I listened and thought, "wow. well, that sounds like every UK (or faux UK) synthpop song released between 1986 and 1989." Not very helpful, so I wasn't going to comment. But I hated 80s synthpop and I really enjoyed the Magnetic Fields song, so thanks!
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Wow, I haven't listened to the Mag Fields in far too long. Thanks, justkevin, for reminding me of them.

A propos of nothing, there's another tune that that song - "Seasons In The Sun" - has always seemed a faint shadow of, though in structure rather than in melody, so the Magnetic Fields' "Long Forgotten Fairy Tale" isn't similar at all. It's Pulp's great one-off single "Mile End," a song I've loved since I heard it, and it really does have the same pause-and-groove sort of structure as "Seasons In The Sun."
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OK, now I'm kind of obsessed, and there's a particular 80s song it's reminding me of. Maybe the verse of The Promise.
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You know what I think of when I hear that chorus? Feeeeeed thuhhhhhh wooooooo-ooooorld!
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The verse is Seasons In The Sun. Ugh.

It's not more similar to that song than it is to countless other pop songs. Long-forgotten Fairytale uses a chord progression that's very common in pop music, but it's not the same chord progression as Seasons in the Sun. The melody isn't the same either. The phrasing is similar.
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Scott Walker did not cover Le moribond, which is good because the translation of it into Seasons in the Sun totally changed the meaning of the song.

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