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I am looking for a downloadable game, something like evony, but not browser based.

ok, i know there was an evony question recently, but that was for a similar browswer style game. I have been playing evony , however only for free. the game is ok but a little bit boring. I am looking for something similar that is free and downloadable, NOT browser based.

Things i like about evony:

the point and click style of operation for most operations
the look and feel of the game is ok

Things i dislike about evony

The map - there is no way to get an overview of the map, you have to manually push it around

the time it takes to do things (33 hrs to research something? no thanks. and yes, i realise this is to make you pay)

there is too little to the game:

when you are under attack, you only have 2 options, open gate to fight or leave gate closed. there is no strategy available such as deploy archers here, swordsmen there etc.

not enough to do: it gets a bit boring, as you end up waiting for things to complete, and you are stuck waiting

can only build one thing at once - tedious - another thing to try to make you part with your cash

playing against others - would prefer to play against computer. (yeah, i am a sad misanthropic loner)

i tried Civ the original abandonware, but it had this massive title sequence which went on for ages. also freeciv but that didnt seem pointy and clicky enough. i am not looking for some military game only, where being some military strategy expert is practically required. also not into Final fantasy type games.

Thanks for any help.
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You may have a problem looking for an online civ-ish game for free that doesn't have the problems you mention. They may be out there but I don't know.

Off-line, I like Alpha Centauri, another Sid Meyer Game

Play by yourself - have you tried one of the many Starcraft versions? Here's one. If that works for you you can buy it and play against thousands of fearsome koreans.

Or - if you want to play multiplayer online, a simple game that is far more complicated as a result of human interaction, check out planet mule. A full game lasts two hours or so, and you can play solo if you wish with AI opponents to learn the ropes.

Other than that - let me know more specifics and I'll see what I can come up with.
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I don't know anything about Evony apart from its infamous ad campaign, but you might try FreeCiv. It's what it sounds like.
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Two quality freeware/opensource games come to mind: Battle for Wesnoth and Globulation. These are, I think, a bit heavier on tactics (moving individual units) than on strategy (tech trees and so forth), but are definitely worth a look.

If you're willing to up your budget from free to $10 or so, check out Steam's list of strategy games. There's a ton of great stuff there. You can get Civ III for $5!
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Response by poster: thanks for the answers mefites. will have a lok at the ones suggested and see how i get on.

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free and downloadable

Not free but should be cheap: Check into an older version of the Age of Empires series or the pretty similar Rise of Nations (both from Microsoft). You can get a trial version here.

I would especially recommend Age of Empires 2, which has expansions. Also, I remember Age of Mythology being cool. AoE 3 has some fundamental changes from 2, and while I still enjoy it, I think 2 will always be my favorite.

The Civ games are very city focused, where as AoE and RoN are more building focused. You still have a town center, but you manage building houses, farms, military buildings, etc. You build and control each army unit individually, but you can group them for a mass attack. But fighting is only one aspect of the game. Exploration, research and resource gathering are all integral to game play as well.

Civ 2 is my favorite, I hated Civ 3 and am okay with 4.
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