moose vs elephant
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could someone shed some light on the origin of the phrase "moose in the room," and how it compares to "the elephant in the room"? Thank you.
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I think it was just The Economist taking a personalized jab at Sarah Palin.
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Also, there's an Invader Zim episode that makes reference to the horrors of... a ROOM WITH A MOOSE.

My new crackpot theory is that the Economist is run by Invader Zim.
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"Moose in the room" has also been used in a context that had nothing to do with Palin.

But ... that was also a jokey reference to a literal moose.

So, the real phrase is "elephant in the room." If someone uses an animal other than "elephant," you can assume it's not a real idiom but a spoof of the "elephant" phrase.
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There's also a business book series about the Moose on the Table, dealing with employee silence - in other words, people not bringing up issues at meetings.
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Maybe they're Volvo fans.

More seriously, though, it's older that Palin's rise and flail but seems to be used identically to Elephant in the room. Googling "Moose in the Room" leads to some interesting things, though.

Here's even a case of it being used by what looks like a conservative dismissing the need for health care reform. (Hint: Don't tell me about percentage of expenditures, tell me in percentage of median income or better still, 2009 dollars.)

Anyhow, it sounds like what I used to do when I rebranded the economic principal "guns and butter" as "beer and fighter planes" because I lived in St. Louis.
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I came in here just to make an invader zim reference. Well done, larkspur.
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