Does the basketball in this video go in?
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In the opening credit sequence of the TV show Parks and Recreation (0:02) a basketball can be seen hitting the back of a rim and bouncing up. Does this ball go in?

This drives me crazy every time I watch the show. Optimally I'd like to find the full stock clip used, but I realize that's unlikely. Thanks!
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No, it doesn't. The southpaw forehand is out too.
posted by tellurian at 10:09 PM on February 11, 2010

Based on my countless hours of playing basketball during elementary and middle school, my opinion is that the ball does not go in.
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While I've seen balls go in after hitting the back of the rim and bouncing straight up like that, I don't think this one does. The angle looks wrong.
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It doesn't go straight up. It goes up and to the right. I agree with everybody else. No basket.
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Indiana native + not Larry Bird = no basket.
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I think it does & that's the reason the clip is cut when it is.

The ball is far enough away from the backboard that it won't hit the back rim too hard – if at all – as it comes down so 2 points. (I'd like to think that the shot has come from around the elbow but the ball has probably be lobbed down from a platform.)

If it is a stock shot then it is definitely a basket as it would be a great / lucky shot.

You could contact the production company...

(Funnily enough I've thought about this part of the sequence too as, to me, it would be funnier if the kid in the next clip drops the baseball as is would be 'more Pawnee'.)
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I too think it doesn't go in, which makes total sense, as it plays right into the theme of the show -- ineffectiveness.
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