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This is the year in which I stop reading novels and start reading books or media about sustainable design heroes. I have read other MeFi threads on sustainability but I am looking for 'small' names, those who work locally to produce sustainable outcomes in community design, homes or public spaces. For example, I enjoy the projects of Joost Bakker in Melbourne and Perth. Can MeFis point me in the right direction?
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Are you looking for recommendations for books and websites, or particular designers?
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I enjoyed this article about sustainable/affordable homes in New Orleans, from the Atlantic Monthly a couple of months ago.
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Best answer: I read this book: Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency [link goes to my review] which is about Sam Mockbee's architecture program at Auburn University in Hale County Alabama. The book was great, had lovely pictures and was inspiring to me.
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Response by poster: Jjg, I'm interested in designers acting on smaller community driven projects, but I realize that many successful community projects are driven by individuals working collaboratively across areas of expertise. So I guess projects as well as designers are of interest.
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Best answer: Here! A Geography of Hope by Chris Turner. Brilliantly simple and inspirational!
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Best answer: A community-driven project you might be interested in is the Somerville Eco-village being built out in Chidlow. The website doesn't have as much detail as I saw in some brochures they had out last year, but I heard a representative speak at the local Green Drinks group and it seems pretty interesting.
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Oh, and Worldchanging.com has some great archives on sustainable design projects around the world, although focused on the USA.
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Response by poster: Thanks people - these all look good. I have very promising reading ahead! Hopefully I am able to find ways to contribute to, or initiate, sustainable design at a local level.
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This might be more theoretical than you're looking for, but Victor Papanek is my sustainable design hero.
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