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How big of a headache will it be getting to either the Madrid or Barcelona airport using public transport at about 4am local time on a Wednesday? Would it be significantly easier in one city than another?

I'll be starting from a centrally located hotel (in the correct city, I promise). I can fly open jaw into/out of either city for the same price, but both flights back to Amsterdam are around 6am on Wednesday April 7th. That is three days after Easter, in case makes any difference.
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To get into Barcelona, I recommend Aerobus. It is very easy to pick up, has multiple drop off points depending on where you're going, and is only 7 euros round trip.
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I don't know if taxis are an option, but I have successfully taken a taxi from the center of Madrid to the airport at about 4 in the morning. The ride was about 20 mins of insanely high speed, after which I was left kicking my heels at the airport for hours, with none of the airport food areas open. I don't think it was that expensive, but this was in 2002, so I don't remember exactly.
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Barcelona's got an all-night bus (N17) from Plaza Catalunya to the airport which departs every 20 minutes.

Details here.
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