Need new workout music
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I'm getting tired of the music that I play on my mp3 player during my workout. I haven't been taking notice of the energetic music of the last 2 - 3 years. So; please provide me with suitable recent workout music. Youtube links are appreciated.

The kind of things I do during a workout are; spinning, running, rowing and weightlifting.

For me criteria for workout music are approx.:
- the beat is regular. I can't change my pace of running or spinning to match a syncopated beat. So no jazz f.i.
- energetic. A lot of dance music is energetic. But a of lot old fashioned hard rock fits the bill as well f.i.
- it's nice when there's a driving beat for the lower brain functions and a more mellifluous melody or mellow sounds on top of that for the higher brain functions. A lot of dance follows this pattern.
- I don't mind mainstream music per se. Indie cred is not important for me either.
- bpm can be between 60 - 110 approx. But around 90 bpm is prefered.
- songs with a surging pattern fit my interval training very well. I.e. slow relaxed phases build up to energetic apotheoses. F.i. Dream on by Aerosmith.
- I don't like hip hop and rap
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Response by poster: Oh and workout songs that happen to be in other West European languages than English are appreciated. I'll confess to a secret love for some europop songs.
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These get me through a mile:
Weezer - I'm your Daddy
Coldplay - Talk (remix)
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I've found the power pop of indie darlings The New Pornographers to be both energizing and infectious.
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I like running to The New Pornographers as well.

My favourite workout music on my iPod is The Go! Team. Junior Kickstart is great for pumping up my energy level.
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Shake It - Metro Station
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I like to work out to the Indie Soup Runner podcast (you can stream it from their website as well, if you want a preview). If you don't like the whole thing, you can take note of which artists you did enjoy. My gym performance has increased significantly following the discovery of this podcast.
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Best answer: Most of the dance and rock music I listen to when I work out has a much higher bpm: Cascada, P!nk, Kim English remixes, Pink Floyd, REM, DJ Tiesto, The Go! Team, Townshend, etc. They all average in the 120-150bpm range.

Some Beyonce and Rihanna songs, including Halo (about 105bmp) and Umbrella (about 86bpm) might fit what you're looking for. There are dance mixes of both songs out there which have a heavier beat, but they're usually way over 100bpm.
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The Hold Steady, Wolf Parade, and The Handsome Furs.
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Underworld - Long Train
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I know you say you don't like rap or hip hop, but if you haven't paid attention to music for 2-3 years, then you've missed the blossoming of awesome mashup artists. The Hood Internet makes my favorite workout music, and all their mixtapes are available for download free (so if you hate it, you're not throwing away money). It's mostly pop/hip hop/rap vocals mixed over indie/electronic instrumentals, and it's usually great, silly, energetic fun. Here's a couple samples: 1, 2
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Panic switch by silversun pickups is a good workout song.
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Here's an AskMeFi thread full of running music recommendations from last week (it also contains links to other threads on this topic, but those are from a few years ago).

Two great things recommended there: The Knife, and LCD Soundsystem.
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Best answer: I asked this question a while back about Europop songs, a lot of which has made it into my workout/jogging mixes as of late. Especially some stuff from the Eurovision song contest over the last few years (Latvia's Wolves of the Sea being a favorite).

My current dirty shame in workout music, though, is Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire.
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old-school Michael Jackson (Thriller album). Lady Gaga.
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Response by poster: zarq; the bpm is not meant as a limiting constraint. 120 bpm is also fine.

SNWidget; that's an interesting thread that I'd missed. tx

this is great. Keep 'm coming.
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I like working out to Lady Gaga.
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Here are a couple of Imperative Reaction songs I've added to my running mix recently. Not cheery music, but very energizing.
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This is a no-judgment zone, right?

My '00s Workout #1:

1. One, Two Step / Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott 3:26
2. Crazy In Love / Beyoncé 3:56
3. SexyBack / Justin Timberlake 4:03
4. Hot In Herre / Nelly 3:50
5. Hollaback Girl / Gwen Stefani 3:20
6. Gold Digger / Kanye West & Jamie Foxx 3:28
7. Wannabe / Spice Girls 2:53
8. Hey Mama / Black Eyed Peas 3:35
9. Right Round / Flo Rida 3:23
10.Hey Ya! / Outkast 3:55
11.Boom Boom Pow / Black Eyed Peas 4:11
12.Poker Face / Lady GaGa 3:57
13.Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) / Beyoncé 3:13
14.Work It / Missy Elliott 5:04
15.My Life Would Suck Without You / Kelly Clarkson 3:31
16.Feel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade) / Gorillaz 3:41
17.Are You Gonna Go My Way / Lenny Kravitz 3:32
18.Ch-Check It Out / The Beastie Boys 3:12

'00s Workout #2
1. Pump It / Black Eyed Peas 3:35
2. Toxic / Britney Spears 3:21
3. Ain't No Other Man / Christina Aguilera 3:48
4. Fergalicious (Edited Version) / Fergie 4:54
5. Lose Control /Missy Elliott 3:15
6. Damaged / Danity Kane 4:09
7. It's a New Day / 3:40
8.Wait a Minute / The Pussycat Dolls 3:42
9.So What / P!nk 3:34
10.The Way You Move / OutKast Feat. Sleepy Brown 3:54
11.Just Dance / Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis 4:02
12.It's My Life / Confessions, Pt. II (Glee Cast Versi... 1:51
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Thirding Lady Gaga. Her songs are awesome, energetic and have a regular beat - it's pop-y but dance-y too.
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If you like house music try this. I have downloaded a great collection of house music from ( go to the archives)
Their tracks are about an hour long and great for workouts.
Another great site is
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101 Running Songs (warning: contains Starship)

Running Trax

101 Indie Classics

101 Hits: Indie, 80's Dance, 90's Pop.
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Le Tigre - Deceptacon.
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I personally like to work out to hard rock / metal. Here are some suggestions in that vein if you're interested.

Pantera. Particularly the Great Southern Trendkill album
Older In Flames. Whoracle has some great tracks for the rowing machine.
Peterpan Speedrock. Nice driving rock, you'll probably want to handpick your tracks. Albums to check out are Killermachine, Rocketfuel and Spread Eagle
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Dinka - Meaningful Story
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I'm following this thread because I desperately need to update my workout music too. I love The Sounds - Dying to Say This To You. Faves are "Painted by Numbers" and "Ego".
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In the "other Western languages" category, some rock en español bands have taken up the dance-rock and disco-rock mantle.

Definitely check out Kinky (electronic, beats all over the place) and Los Amigos Invisibles (funk-influenced, BPM usually in the 60s). There are also some pretty good running songs in the catalog of Café Tacuba, Mexico's answer to the Beatles.

And back in Anglo-land, if you haven't considered the Ting Tings or Scissor Sisters, they've got a good number of workout-friendly tracks.

and echoing the others, yes, the New Pornographers are great for everything
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I've been getting a big boost from the Danger remix of Sebastien Tellier - Divine recently.
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Kylie Minogue, Fever.

This album has a pretty consistent tempo throughout, and I found it particularly helpful during cardio.
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Lady Gaga, MIA, Kesha, Britney Spears (especially Womanizer), Christina Aguilera, Pink, ABBA, Santigold. I know! But that's what this music is for: high energy cardio workouts. I can't get through an elliptical or treadmill routine without some truly fast and fun music, even if I can't stand same music outside the gym.

I would also like to recommend Daddy Yankee or Pitbull if, like me, you somehow find energetic pop music more tolerable if you can't understand the lyrics. No, but seriously, Daddy Yankee makes some really great workout songs.
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Best answer: I have the same preferences as you and here's some of the workout music I like (mostly dancey and Europop). Sorry, but I don't know the bpm on any of these:

Renegade Master by Wildchild - this one is fast so I like to save it for when I'm faltering and I need an extra burst of energy

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
by Daft Punk

Left My Heart in Tokyo by Mini Vida

Every Morning by Basshunter

Take Me To The Clouds Above by LMC vs. U2

Disco Sirens by Midfield General

Beat Control by Tilly and the Wall

In For the Kill by La Roux

Remedy by Little Boots

Owner of a Lonely Heart by Max Graham (also - great video!)

Hope this helps!
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45:33 by LCD Soundsystem. Nike had this "song/album" commissioned and it's a dj mix perfectly timed for warm up, cool down, and peak running. So fun. You can listen to a whole track here.
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Brigitte Bardot by Creature. Pretty much everything on their album 'No Sleep at All' can get even the grouchiest mummified zombie up and shaking. I play it in the shower on sunny weekend mornings.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thank you all.
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A-Trak's Dirty South Dance mix is hard to buy (but not too hard to 'acquire') and is my favorite rap-techno workout mix of all time.
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You need to go to!!

You can look up music you know you like, and it will tell you what other musicians are like that, both earlier and later. It also categorizes musicians by mood, so you can look up stuff that way, too.

For instance, if you look up The New Pornographers (who are totally awesome), you'll see the following lists: Similar Artists, See Also, Influenced By, and Followers. Under moods, they are listed as Bright, Theatrical, Quirky, Cheerful, Witty, Rousing, and more. You can click on any of those words to see other artists who fit that bill.

The Discography tab toward the top of the results/overview page has ratings for every album on a 5-star scale. My hubby is a total audiophile and he swears by the ratings on this site.

As an aside, my new fave is the band Ok, Go!
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I'm a fan of Frightened Rabbit. This song in particular is a good workout song with a steady beat and buildup.
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