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I just completed a Photo365 project and I'm pretty proud of it. I'd like to create a hard copy of the project to be able to look at and show people, and I'd like to do it fairly inexpensively. I was going to make a photobook, but putting all of those pictures in seems to make the book really expensive. Any ideas on how to compile all 365 photos physically, both inexpensively and with style?
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Expense is usually page-count not photo-count but of course 365 is still a lot of pages if they get equal billing. What about you pick the best from each week, give it full-page on left and then the 6 leftovers on the right? That gets you down to 52... and you could go harsher still, e.g. display 1 large and 12-16 small (depending on page aspect ratio).
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12 calendar-style posters, titled with the month and year, with a photo for each day laid out in a grid.

LCD photo frame with the whole set loaded and nothing else.

Still do a book, but include multiple photos per page to bring down the price.
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183 pages, actually.

What do you consider to be inexpensive? Under $100? $25?
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I'd like to do something under $50, if possible.
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$44 at will get you up to 200 pages in a softcover 10x8 book plus $7 shipping.
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I use blurb. Sort of funky layout engine but I have seen several books from blurb and they were all good.
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