Are there any programs/extensions out there to make the editing/organizing of my bookmarks in Firefox any easier?
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Are there any programs/extensions out there to make the editing/organizing of my bookmarks in Firefox any easier? I'm using XMarks to sync these bookmarks between my XP and OSX machines.

The "Organize Bookmarks" option in Firefox on both OS's is not the greatest thing in the world.

For some reason, I cannot get my bookmarks to auto-alphabetize. The new ones ALWAYS go to the bottom and I have to keep clicking "Sort by Name" to get them to show up alphabetically (first sub-folders, then bookmarks). I figured there would be some option in Firefox so they would show up alphabetically when they first save.

Am I doing something wrong? Are there any extensions out there to help this and make my bookmark experience any easier?

The window that shows up after I click the bookmark star is also always too small to make this easy. This is way more of a pain than I envisioned.

Thanks, MeFi!
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Why dont you consider using Evernote. Its free, and allows you to do way more than just store bookmarks across platforms (although it does that very well too).
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Best answer: SortPlaces is what you're looking for.
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(And it does what you want nicely by working well with SyncPlaces.)
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Response by poster: Wow, SortPlaces is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Fantastic. Thanks!
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I know the issue seems resolved here, but have you considered using an online bookmarks manager like delicious or Pinboard?

Not only are your bookmarks on the web and therefore always accessible to you, but you can also layer a taxonomy on top of them by tagging bookmarks which will give you much more flexibility on finding anything in the future (ex. show me all of my bookmarks that are videos about cars).

You could also use Gmail as a bookmarks manager even. There's a tutorial here:
How to turn gmail in to the ultimate bookmarking tool.
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