Back-seat driver needs to parler francais
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GPS fans: I have a Garmin nuvi 1300T bought 12/2009 with USA maps. It's been worth the cost already, but now I need maps of France. Should I add European maps to the US Garmin, or buy a new one in Europe?
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No answer for you, but I will be monitoring this on behalf of Daughter the Younger who is headed to the UK soon.
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Adding the appropriate maps to your existing GPS is probably the best way to go. You can buy an SD card with the City Navigator Map of France at Amazon for USD 90.

A quick search suggests the same thing can be found (surprisingly) slightly cheaper in the UK (e.g. ciao or activegps), but by the time you deal with exchange rates and postage, perhaps not so much.
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I know this is a older topic, hopefully you're still watching it.

free topo and routable maps for Garmins

if you are going to buy, get the DVD, not the SD card
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