Gifting via itunes not as simple as I thought
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How do I locate a missing "album gift" sent via iTunes?

On Feb. 2 I bought a cd (45:33 by LCD Soundsystem) through iTunes using the gift an album option. I sent it to my dad's yahoo email (verified twice the spelling was correct, etc). Three days later, he still has not received it even though I keep hitting resend while he's on the phone etc. It is not in his junk mail and he is very tech savvy.

ITunes has not debited my checking account for the purchase yet, is there some reason they would wait until they debited my account to send him the download?

I am having trouble finding support for this on their website and was wondering what my options are here, besides continually hitting resend, resend, resend. I would just like him to get the album so he can download it and go for a run!

Thanks in advance.
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In iTunes purchases I make for myself, often times a few days pass before I get charged. It would be unusual for Apple to not give immediate access to the file though.

What you could do is contact Apple via the online contact within iTunes and see what they say. Problems have been rare over the years, but when they do pop up, I've found Apple to be quiet good at promptly responding.
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Thanks bird. For anyone reading this later on... I did email them and they sent me a redemption code that you can use in the iTunes store instead of an email link.
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