But its a deduction on the list YOU gave me!
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Can anyone recommend a tax attorney in NYC?

I have a tax issue with the Federal gov't that my accountant is working on, but NYS just took issue with me as well, so I think it is time to consult with a lawyer.

Can anyone recommend a tax lawyer in NYC? TIA.
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There's not enough information here to give a reasonable referral. At the very least you would need to give a sense of the potential value of the matter (i.e., is this a dispute over $5,000 or $500,000 in taxes).
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I wish we made $500k! No, the feds seized the entirety of his past two years refunds and then sicced NYS on us who are now claiming we owe them two years worth of refunds. They are even questioning things they list as tax deductible.

I can understand one audit, but this is starting to feel like harassment and I want someone with tax and law knowledge to take a look.
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