Superbowl duration
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What's the average length of a superbowl game?
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probably around 4 hours.
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4-4 1/2 hours, not counting the pre or post show
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Clarification, please: do you mean the average length of the broadcast (typically there's a bunch of pre- and a little bit of post-game stuff), the game itself, the actual moments of on-field action, or something else (four fifteen-minute quarters)?
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The game itself is around 3:40. Halftime is :30, twice the usual length of an NFL game. The pregame and postgame last approximately 273,000 years.
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Looking for kickoff to end of game.

Anyone know of any data from past superbowls? Surely somebody is keeping track of this stat online somewhere . . . ?
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the wiki pages for each individual game have a length of game stated. however, looking at some of the numbers, i don't think they're including halftime show which is usually 20-40 minutes.
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Yeah, the superbowl is the same as any other playoff football game--approximately four hours. We can't give you an exact estimate, particularly as overtime can go on essentially infinitely in post-playoff games, until someone wins. The game in 1971, for example, had two overtimes--one of 15 minutes and one of about 7.

(Thank you, football obsessed husband!)
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Whoops, the mister says that the 1971 game was a Christmas Day playoff game, not a stuporbowl, but what I said is still theoretically true--if the game goes into overtime (hasn't happened yet with a superbowl, but it could), there's no telling how long it could go.
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