What's been happening with the Patriots for the last three or four years?
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My father and I have had a rocky relationship, but this year he asked me to come watch the Superbowl with him and I said I would. I'm just realizing now that I have no idea what has been going on with the Patriots since, oh, Teddy Bruschi retired. I don't know who's in the backfield, what kind of secondary we have, whether we're running the old five-and-out pass plays or if our running game has developed. Can you guys fill me in on what I need to know in order to be able to talk with my dad during the game? Thanks.
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This season has seen a seismic shift in the role of tight ends throughout the league, and Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are two of the people making it happen. But Gronkowski might not play! But Belichick likes to list people as Probable and Questionable, it's one of his things!

Also, Wes Welker has had one of the best seasons in the history of wide receivers (and guys on my fantasy team). But is he just that amazing, or have the league's new rules gone too far to protect quarterbacks and favor the passing game?

And is this just a remake of the SB from four years ago, or are these not the same teams? Can Eli come out of his big brother's shadow? Are the Giants still the underdog? Is this year's 3-point spread about right?

Lots more, but that's a start.
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"So, what's going on with the team this year, Dad?"

Ask him questions and let him teach you a little. Having that as a built-in icebreaker may make your conversation a little easier, especially at first.
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No D.
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Can you watch ESPN for an hour? That should help!
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I bet if your relationship is rocky, conversation might be a little slow going. It is always nice to have something like sport to fall back on. I would read all the advice posted here so that you have talking points to bring out, but I would also feign ignorance at times and let your dad fill you in, even if you know the answer to your own question.
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I'd read the ESPN Patriots blog for anything by Mike Reiss. Type 'reiss' into the search box and read what he wrote for January. Of note: positional groupings and offensive snaps analysis from the AFC championship game might give some idea of what they'll do if Gronkowski is limited. As well as what's changed since the Patriots loss to the Giants in Week 9.

Didjaknow?: Deion Branch is back on the team. Josh McDaniels is also back as an offensive assistant coach. Julian Edelman is the team's new Troy Brown in that he's a receiver, occaisionally plays defense, and returns punts. Myra Kraft, wife of owner Robert Kraft died, and the season is dedicated to her, hence the MHK patches on their uniforms. The Patriots didn't beat a team with a winning record during the regular season and miraculously squeaked by the Ravens to get to the Superbowl.
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While you're listening to SportsCenter, read a few things on Grantland, Deadspin, Sportsfilter, etc.

And if you have time to read one book, make it Michael Holley's 'War Room.'
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"Hey dad, great to see you. I haven't been following the Pats lately, but I wanted to spend time with you and think watching together is a great idea. Before I drink too much beer and eat too many wings rendering me incapable of comprehension, would you tell me what you think are the keys to the Pats winning?"

"Do you think losing to the Giants in week 9 means anything?"

"Can we stop that awesome pass rush of the Giants. JPP (Jean Pierre-Paul) is a beast. Do you know he can do ten back flips in a row with his pads on?"

"I think that Cruz guy is a little overrated. He is really just a rookie and no way the Pats let him run wild like the Jets did."

"Pass the chips."

"I am going to the kitchen, anyone need an orange whip?"

"It is amazing how Brady can still play at such a high level 10 years after his first SB."

"Gronks ankle looks healed to me. Or, the shot of pain meds is working like a charm."
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Other specific questions you might ask:

Does Belichick know what he's doing when it comes to the draft?
Was it worth it gambling on Haynesworth and Ochocinco?
Should Edelman be playing defense at all?
If you had to pick one, would you take Hernandez or Gronkowski?
What gameplan gives us the best chance?
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Seconding the Grantland suggestion. In fact, you can find Bill Simmons podcasts through there or the ESPN site, and have a listen to them. Simmons is a huge Pats fan, and the NFL podcasts can be pretty entertaining, though could be dated (as he's usually discussing previous/upcoming games).
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Simmons also Tweets @sportsguy33. He will likely Tweet the game too so if you look down at your phone you might have something to say or ask.
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You can watch the highlight reel from basically every game this season on NFL.com. It's been surprisingly useful for helping my son follow the narrative of the season.
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I'd go into it blind. Try and set it up so that you can go in before the game, for whatever reason, to catch up, or whathaveyou (catching up is the real reason, right?), and use lulls in conversation as a way to ask about the team. It gives you something to talk about, it puts your dad into a comfort role (parent/teacher) that might make things easier for the two of you to get back on decent terms. It's just a start, but it's neutral ground, which is a good place to start.
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A note on Pats' defense: It's bad in terms of yards allowed, but not half as bad in terms of points allowed (18th in league). Could make for an interesting hypothesis, which we could pretend will be proved or disproved by the game. Pats are second in the league in total offense, second-to-last in total defense. Giants are eighth in total offense, 27th in yards allowed.

Also: When the Pats beat the Ravens to get to the Super Bowl, it was the their first win over a team that finished the season with a winning record.

Also: Pats favored by 3. Here in New York, they can't understand that. A Pats fan, I tend to agree with them. Think Vegas either is too caught up in Pats' being top seed in AFC and Giants being fourth seed in NFC, forgetting that NFC was much better this year, or is trolling for dollars, knowing the many New Yorkers and Giants fans will find the three points less resistable.

As well: Giants have great pass rush just with their front four, so it'll be interesting to see whether Tommy, who won't have to deal with raw weather, can get rid of the ball quickly enough. Meanwhile, Pats' pass rush is hit-or-miss, while Giants' offensive line isn't elite-level. But Eli is pretty teriffic at playing well in the face of a great pass rush. Tommy, if you didn't know, is a genius at stepping up in the pocket to avoid the rush.
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Response by poster: Wow. I kinda wish I had a television so I could have followed the season. I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on what's been happening. Sounds interesting. Thanks MeFites.
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If you ever need to use the nuclear option ask him about 18 and 1.
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