Help me find this book
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Looking for a novel I once read about on Metafilter. Sci-fi / post-apocalypse:

I've googled and found nothing. In a metafilter thread someone quoted part of the book. It was something about a boy and dead pig's head. Someone else attributed the quote to a book. Then there was discussion regarding the way the author had changed the English language in the book - one example that I think I clearly remember was that "surprise" was changed to sir prize. I think. This is all quite vague.
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a boy and dead pig's head

Just to cross it off the list: Lord of the Flies?
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Best answer: Is it Riddley Walker?
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Best answer: .....Hm.

I don't necessarily remember a dead pig's head being a factor, but the change in language sounds an awful lot like Riddley Walker.

....Shoot, even if it's not Riddley Walker, consider this a secondary recommendation because it's also a damn good book.
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Oh, hey, just remembered: Riddley Walker opens with the main character killing a boar.
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Response by poster: Yes! That's it - and it was quoted by Potomac Avenue in this thread. Boar's face, not a pig's head. YOU PEOPLE ROCK!

Seriously. Two minutes to an answer. Unfreakingbelievable.
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It was good timing - I too have read about that book here and just received my copy from Amazon last night!
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Riddley Walker is so super-amazing. I think I may read it again!
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