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Asking about the New Age Publishing Company, from the 1950's. They are responsible for generating most of what we know about UFO lore today.

Asking about the New Age Publishing Company, from the 1950's. Their address was at 1542 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca, 90026.

The published a lot of early UFO stuff. That address was later linked with a lesbian community organization, and more recently, a florist.

Who was the New Age Publishing Co.? What happened to them??

First hand info is a PLUS!
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Response by poster: Based on this intriguing web reprinting of one of their pamphlets (plus other writings I've identified online) I'm fascinated.

Who are these folks?

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Best answer: This article talks a lot about Franklin Thomas who ran the publishing company. Apparently he was quite an occultist according to the author. This post says he was a gifted clairvoyant. He was married to Dorothy Thomas who was one of his authors and (I think) translators. This book she wrote seems to still live on on the internet in a lot of places. They belonged to a group called Huna Research Associates. Here's another book that NAPC printed on Scribd. Oddly, they also seem to have published The Biographical Dictionary of American Architects (Deceased) in 1956 which makes no sense at all. I didn't see any record of anything being published by them after I think 1957.
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Best answer: Franklin Thomas may have died in 1958 which may explain the dates and what happened. From that web page I linked to: "They Live In The Sky!, by Trevor James, appeared in 1958, when he was 26 years old, and was his first book. It only underwent two impressions and the photographs in the first were much better and clearer than the second. The brave sponsor and publisher of this "uncomfortable" book was Dr Franklin Thomas, and there were plenty who felt no surprise when they learned that Dr Thomas had died very soon after its appearance."
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Response by poster: This explains more than you know, folks.

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Response by poster: *runs to kitchen and fashions tin foil hat*
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