Where to get bulk molasses in Austin?
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Where in or around the Austin, TX area can I get blackstrap molasses in bulk?

I am looking for something like this, but I would prefer to purchase it locally and bypass the rather extreme shipping costs for something so heavy.

It needs to be unsulphured and have no preservatives.
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Sun Harvest, Wheatsville, and Natural Grocer all have substantial bulk departments. I would try giving each a call.
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As does Central Market, although for values of "local" that mean "non-major-chain" you might want to leave them for last.
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Sun Harvest is out, I already checked with them and with Whole Foods.

Wheatsville might be worth a go, as might CM. I'm more concerned with quantity than with any value of local. I need about 4 gallons worth.

Any other suggestions?
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Ask your local yummy bakery where they get theirs? Perhaps offer to buy a container off of said bakery at cost?
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Just a guess -- you might also try a brewing supply stores. Maybe Austin Homebrew Supply? Or even an organic gardening / hydroponic store (Molasses is used as fertilizer, though I would think it would typically be low quality and in dried form).
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Wheatsville appears to be out, too, as well as CM. Everybody has honey, nobody has molasses. :(
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Are you absolutely sure you want blackstrap molasses?

I'm a big fan of molasses in general, but I think blackstrap tastes like it has powdered coal mixed in. It's essentially the waste left after you take off all the sugar you can get out of it.

According to my old (1964) Joy of Cooking:

Blackstrap molasses is a waste product. It is the result of a third boiling-- with more sugar crystals extracted; and is unpalatable.

It has something of a reputation as a medicinal, I think because of its poor flavor, but possibly for its high iron content-- which comes not from the sugarcane, but from the iron vessels in which it is prepared. [Last 3 paragraphs cut and pasted from an earlier comment of mine.]

You could try an animal feed store.
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Yep - gotta be blackstrap. I'll try a couple more feed stores. So far, all they have had is dry...if they have anything.
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....and is unpalatable.

Do not let my father hear that. He loves it on pancakes. No, really, the stuff that looks and tastes like tar, that's what goes on after the butter.
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For that much, you might try someone like Sysco.
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Check the Cracker Barrel stores, which often have old-school baking supplies like Blackstrap Molasses.

(You may also be able to find Necco Wafers and Pop Rocks there.)
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Ok, so when I called Wheatsville, the woman who answered said she didn't think they had it. But then I remembered that an old high school friend is the manager there...I emailed her to see if she could offer any suggestions, and she said they sold it both in bulk and by the gallon.

I love Wheatsville.
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Fain's Honey in Llano makes their own syrup and molasses.
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