Toronto patient needs reference to a good Buffalo area urogynecologist.
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I have been experiencing urinary incontinence since September, it is not responding to antibiotics, and I have been waiting since December without hearing even of an appointment date. I have the funds. Can anyone please direct me to a doctor/hospital/clinic in the Buffalo area whom they would highly recommend? Thanks.
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I probably would need to know more info to know specifically who to recommend.

Generally, I would say the Kaleida Hospitals are the best hospitals in the area, that work with the University.

Also, the Buffalo Medical Group is well respected.

I'm wondering if this stemmed from anything specific? If I had more details, I might be able to refer you to someone more specific.
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This is something that a PT (physio) may also be able to help with depending on the circumstances. You want to find someone who specializes in women's health/continence (I'm assuming your gender from your title). In the US in many states there is direct access,meaning you don't need a referral. I'm not sure of the laws in Canada.
An infection may be part of the cause, but there may be other structural or muscle strength/tone issues which are the reason it's continuing. This is generally very treatable and more common than you might think. Good luck with your search.
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