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What are easy to make meals that are high in (thc storing) lipids and would be good for a party?

I'm organizing a charity dinner party and donating a percentage of the profits to Haiti. Except the food will all be composed of weed butter/oil/ect.

What meal would be easy to mass produce for a party and have a high dose of that good thc-storing fat? I want those that show up to get a bang for their buck.

My first thought was pizza, but Bittman's pizza recipe only calls for 2 tbsp of oil per dough recipe, and only 3tbsp per sauce recipe. I'm concerned that might not be enough oil per person to be cost effective. (I don't want to have to make people eat two whole pizzas just to get stoned).
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Make aioli/mayonnaise or butter to put on other things?

Just to be clear, you do know how ingested THC differs from smoked, right?

From a trusted source WHO IS NOT ME:
It doesn't depend on how much oil there is; it depends on how much THC you put in the oil. It's a lot more potent when ingested; some people hallucinate. In one situation, two guys and two girls shared a plate of six brownies. The guys had two each; the girls had one each. All four threw up. A lot. You can't really overdose, but there are some pretty heavy effects.

For reference, one of my favorite YouTube videos: here
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I've had friends expound at length on this subject. There are lots of popular oily foods out there.

Baked (har) desserts like cookies, brownies, cheesecakes, pies, etc.
You can make an alcohol infusion for mixed drinks.
Put it into an oil and vinegar salad dressing and into croutons.
You can mix it into a creamy sauce for fish or chicken.
Recipes online abound.
Heck, I'll just send you over to EatMe, the compendium of MetaFilter recipe threads.
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You're confusing storing THC in the body with delivering it via a food product. Put the pot in any food items you desire.
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No-tahini hummus is pretty heavy on oil, and is awesome at parties. I think you could probably get away with adding more oil than it calls for, too.

Make your own pita bread, and you're up to 7 tablespoons of oil.

On preview, heed madamina's warning. I think you might be better off with a less-is-more philosophy, unless all the guests are very familiar with ingesting THC. An hour after dinner, they can always eat more, but they can't eat less...
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From a guy who grew-up in the 70's...
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Try this if you like coffee, it's quite nice and works like a charm:

Get some Coffee Mate-esque liquid coffee creamers. These are really thick creamers and they are very fatty. Pour a little bit of this in a pan, add 2% milk and water (amount wise, I always eyeball this till "that looks good") and if you want add a little sliver of butter. Add sugar to taste. The water helps the milk and cream not get all funky, because the next step is simply heating this until it very slightly boils, bringing down the temperature, and dropping your herb of choice into the concoction (putting your various herbs in a tea bag helps).

Let this sit on a very light simmer for at least 45 or so minutes and really I'd let it sit for double that if not more. Stir it often and agitate the herbs, pressing them out and stirring them as you please. When you're satisfied or don't have any time left, take this off the stove.

Then brew up some coffee and replace your creamer with this delicious stuff. It really, really tastes good and goes fantastic with coffee.

Hope this helps!
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This is all hearsay, you know, stuff I've heard from friends of friends, etc.

The no-tahini hummus is an excellent suggestion. Just cook the weed in some olive oil. Then grind some chick peas, add a good deal of olive oil, some garlic, maybe some roasted red pepper. It's nice because you can make it really potent, the flavors blend nice, and you can kinda of eat how much you need to. You can go slowly and eat sort of little by little.

Of course, you can put weed oil - and you can use olive oil/coconut oil/any fatty thing - in anything you want. Add a bunch to a pasta sauce. Or use it to bake, whatever. The point is, make the oil potent and you can make anything you want and it will be effective and delicious.
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Eating pot is totally different than smoking. Smoking, I get kinda fuzzy and happy and hungry. Eating, I get super paranoid, lose all track of time and feel like my head is about the size of a car. Some people who are not used to this can really freak out. I'd be careful. I posted this in a different thread a while ago:

I ate way, way too many of my friend's brownies in the Calgary Folk Festival beer tent a few years back, and, unfortunately, was sitting down facing the stage, with the exit all the way across the very packed, fenced-off area behind me. Over the course of the afternoon even though I only had one pint on top of it, my head felt like it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and I started to get pretty convinced that this feeling was never going away - even though I was also telling myself that I was OK. My friends asked me if I wanted any food, which gave me a rough time reference - I thought that I spent about 20 minutes or so after that strategizing how I'd get up and out of the chair, turn around, and walk out of the tent. Later someone told me that was actually just over four hours after they went for food before I managed to say that I was going home.

I'd suggest getting an all-you-can-eat cover fee from everyone ahead of time if you want to make money. A lot of people aren't gonna want to eat much after it kicks in. If you want to make sure people don't freak out, go VERY easy on the THC in the food.
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Why not just make THC butter and then spread that on crostini with maybe some sliced heirloom tomatoes and fresh mozzarella? (It's pretty good with enough garlic and basil in it, and there are enough lipids in butter to make it as potent as you like).

(I wish MY friends threw charity dinners like this. I'd be much more charitable. And giggly. And ice-cream-focused.)
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Mac and cheese. Add the herb to milk, butter, and cheese mixture. Let it cook for a while and then strain.
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How about macaroni and cheese, or some other kind of baked pasta that uses oil or butter in the preparation?
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Pesto! It's half oil. Pesto spread on some nice french bread or tossed in some pasta. Um, I've heard.
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I have no experience with weed butter, so I wouldn't know how much butter or oil is optimal for the desired effect. But, as it happens, I stumbled on a recipe for tomato sauce yesterday that would be perfect for your purpose: Tomato sauce with onion and butter (Source: Smitten Kitchen, awesome blog btw!).
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Brownies have the virtue of being easily countable. Aioli and hummus sound potentially awesome, but I would be worried that it would be difficult for the guests to keep track of how much they've consumed. Dividing the portions into individual servings may make this easier. Having non-psychoactive versions of the THC-imbued foods may be nice if a guest decides they're high enough but still hungry.

Putting THC in many dishes may also make it difficult for guests to control how much they're eating. I'd think one or maybe two dishes would be best, and perhaps something appetizer-ish that can be eaten well before the main meal (although mac and cheese and pasta sauce do sound appealing).

Also, this may be worth reading.
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Just like uniformly sized alcohol serving containers are important to folks knowing how much of what they've just drunk, discreet units of weed containing foodstuffs is even more important as the effects have a longer delay and wider individual variation. Even if its things like pot butter (or the pesto suggested upthread is an even better idea) being spread over discreet pieces of bread, your guests will be better able to regulate their consumption.

Also, one potential way to mediate the risks involved in consumption as opposed to smoking is to make your batch or batches ahead of time and test them out to see how strong they are.

Good luck and have fun!
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Be sure to have non-laced food on hand so people can eat without increasing their intake and don't serve alcohol.
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No no no. Do NOT insert the plant matter into the recipe as you will make your guests have digestive issues. This is what you want to do:

1. Make butter
2. Find foods that need butter
3. Use that butter to make those foods.

How do you make the butter? Well I'm glad you asked.

1. Get an ounce of marijuana, and 16 ounces of PREMIUM (unsalted...as you can always add more salt later)

2. Shred the marijuana with a grinder...the finer the better.

3. Toss the marijuana, butter and enough water to keep the mixture from drying up for 8 hours into the crock pot.

4. Let it cook for anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours. The most potent butters I have made had been cooking for 6-7 hours.

5. Now you're left with a mess inside a crock pot...and it smells like a LOT of weed. Grab lots of cheesecloth and cover it over a container large enough to hold all the liquid. Make sure the container gets wider and wider as you near its top. If something solid can get stuck in the container, use something different. A smaller saucepan will work if you can't find anything better.

6. Strain the mixture through the cheesecloth. Once you are done, take all the plant matter cover it with the cheesecloth and squeeze the hell out of it into the container. Its going to be really hot...so make sure your hands are protected.

7. Let it the mixture cool (in the fridge)...and toss the plant matter. Yeah, toss it. Its all buttery, you took a good percentage of the CBDs and you cannot dry it out to smoke it unless you really want to taste butter...and it might be dangerous. Seriously.

8. In the container that everything has been dumped in, you will see that several layers are forming. The top layer will be greenish and solidifying. Once the container is COLD to the touch, take it out. Use a butter knife to poke holes in the side...get the solid mass at the top to tip, and drain all the liquid.

9. That cold, green solid you have in front of you...is about a pound of butter with a lot of the CBDs from marijuana.


There are tons of ways to cook with marijuana, but this is the safest (no using flammable shit to make "oil"), and you stretch the marijuana the farthest without using plant matter.

I used to make foods for dispensaries and cancer patients in SoCal on an almost commercial scale, and this works great.

Using this recipe, I made a batch of 64 brownies (its cliche, but I needed to be able to portion them out properly) that needed a pound of butter. One piece kept the consumer "medicated" for approximately 8-15 hours.

YMMV with:
1. Potency of marijuana
2. Tolerance of consumer
3. Method of extraction...seriously, I haven't even figured out the optimal time for the crock pot...but its somewhere between 6-7 hours.

1. Your house/apt will smell like marijuana.
2. Your fridge will smell like marijuana unless you can put a nice seal on the cooling container.
3. You can use the butter in anything that requires olive oil, butter, etc. But the higher the temperature you cook it at (especially above 350...), the less potent it will be.
4. Garlic, cinnamon, and a couple of other ingredients that escape me cover up the taste of marijuana. Oh yes...pesto is fantastic...as is turmeric at covering it up.
5. BE REALLY CAREFUL. This will keep one intoxicated...its great for being in an airport when your flights are being delayed...but definitely not for driving or doing anything of importance.

If you have any questions, feel free to memail me.
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Oh yes..."The Whelk" has 2 very important suggestions which you should definitely take. Make sure you label everything.
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What hal_c_on said. Also, rice krispy treats are good when green, and easy to make. If you want to mask the taste, use fruity pebbles or cocoa pebbles. Or so I've heard.
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I would second and third hal_c_on and The Whelk and even go a bit beyond - please consider consciously disconnecting what people are eating to eat from what they are eating for effects. A brownie is, you know, a brownie (a unit) - but pesto, you know, maybe you really like pesto and then gabba gabba gabba OH MY GOD. I don't doubt you are dealing with non-naive people but experience says if there's going to be a freak out (or just an angsty bummer, frankly) by an experienced person, eating it is far more likely to be the culprit. You just don't know when to stop until long after stopping is not an issue (tell your stomach to stop digesting, right). Long pauses between "effective" courses. Take it easy.
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Menthol (in MeTa) actually made a good point in terms of the danger you could get into if there's the perception that money is changing hands for weed. So my suggestion would be that at the party, you simply have people sign on to various charity websites and donate that way, so that there's a clear separation between the weed and the money.

So, on to the weed. I'm not someone who every really smokes weed but I do love to hear about new and unusual cuisine. Apparently, someone I know grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of immigrants, some of who were (I think) Cambodian. They had a couple of plants growing out back -- herbs. Turns out it was Herb. They didn't even know it was illegal drug used for recreational purposes, apparently. They take the leaves and place them over a chicken when it's baking. You can do this with normal out-of-the baggie weed. It's not at all strong, so you end up with a very mild high although there is some concentration in the drippings (which is pretty keen). And frankly, I don't know why some many people are going on and on about the horrible taste. I mean, it is an herb. There are foods it complements well, there are foods it doesn't complement. I can tell you that it tastes just fine on chicken -- or so I've heard. You probably wouldn't make marjoram rice crispies, would you?
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Deathalicious, the problem with most green savory dishes is that it's difficult to titrate, whereas dessert items usually come in single-serving sizes already. As nanojath says, a brownie is a single unit; it's easy to eat more or less. Not so easy with something like chicken.

(I actually like the taste--and think it goes pretty well with sweet-tasting stuff, too, but not everyone feels the same way, and obscuring the flavor and odor and even greeny appearance can be a good idea if you're worried about someone knowing what's hidden in the food. Chocolate masks all of this especially well. Hence the tradition of pot brownies.)
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Garlic bread.
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I, uh, heard that you can steep (and/or macerate) pot in milk. And then strain the plant matter out, add the milk to whatever baked goods you desire. (brownies don't call for milk, but cake does. Cake is delicious.)

Nthing the above pleas to keep folks from grazing on medicated foodstuffs. I've, uh, seen some reactions to baked goods that make this worth repeating: you cannot uneat the food. Puking might, like, happen, but it won't make anything better.

(if this party is in a place where use of marijuana is prosecuted, please don't serve laced food to people you don't personally know. This is not what you want to get busted for.)
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ice cream!!!
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