Where can I find a 1kg bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk in London?
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Where can I find a 1kg bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk in London?

The Selfridges Food Hall will sell me one for £11.49 but people don't tend to shop at Selfridges for value, so I assume I must be able to locate one for less. I live in Camden Town and work in Central London, so stores near either of those locations would be ideal. I'd be willing to travel for a bargain but it's obviously not going to be worth it if the tube/bus fares outweigh the savings. In a similar vein, recommendations of online retailers are welcome but delivery costs have to be taken into account.
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Haven't been home in a while but I've seen them in ASDA at the end of last year.
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Not adding much, but Tesco/Asda were selling them for about 8 quid near Christmas. Maybe Sainsburys in Camden is worth a try?
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Could you combine a purchase of it from an online supermarket with a weekly shop? Tesco deliver up to 11pm and all the way into your fridge, which is good if you're in a flat. Their delivery charges start from £3 mid week to £6 saturday mornings.
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Pretty sure they don't have one in Camden's Sainsbury's, but maybe Morrison's near Chalk Farm?

Asda is your best bet.
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Response by poster: The Camden Town Sainsbury's is my local supermarket; it doesn't stock them. I tried the Chalk Farm Morrisons but the largest they have are 400g bars.

My nearest Asda is almost three miles away from work (and in the opposite direction to home), so that's not really an option unless availability and price can be assured. There are over 100 Tescos of varying sizes in London, which means finding one that stocks 1kg bars (if they're stocked at all — I imagine a lot of supermarkets only sell them in the run-up to Christmas) could take forever.

Combining the purchase of the Dairy Milk with a weekly shop from an online supermarket would still result in me incurring delivery charged that I wouldn't otherwise have to pay (I live so close to several supermarkets that I don't consider the convenience to be worth it). Furthermore, I'm not even sure if any online supermarkets stock them (Tesco won't let me browse their groceries without signing up first; Sainsbury's doesn't do them).

I discovered that Debenhams offers 1kg Dairy Milk bars for £9 plus £3.99 delivery (free delivery to store is only available at five branches in Northern Ireland). Spurred on by this knowledge, I visited the Oxford Street branch to see if they had any. Alas, they did not. While I was in the area, I also tried John Lewis and House of Fraser but had no joy there either.

In the end, I bought one of the £11.49 bars in Selfridges. At least I got a nice bag to put it in.
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