How do I go about finding a reasonably good lawyer and CPA in Massachusetts for a small business?
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How do I go about finding a reasonably good (and inexpensive) lawyer/cpa for a small business in Massachusetts?

Basically, my company started in New York and we've relocated to Massachusetts. We'd like to avoid registering as a foreign entity in the new state, as we're no longer doing business in New York. We're a young corporation and small (3 people), but we're growing and soon will have more of a need for both of these services.

A lawyer we'd need to help us reorganize in Massachusetts so that we don't have to purchase our previous corporation or expose ourselves to unforeseen tax issues. We're also entering into agreements with other entities, and could use someone to look over our basic contracts that we use.

A CPA/accountant we need because this started as a sole-proprietorship, and the assets of that are being absorbed into this new corporation and I'd like to handle most of this while not paying double taxes, or getting ourselves into financial or legal trouble. I'd like to manage our books in the future, but having them set up the right way with a professional seems like the best thing to do, especially for maintaining them properly over a long period of time.

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The local bar association is always a good place to start when searching for an attorney. Some of the associations will offer discounted consultations on specified days and times.

CPAs are best found through word of mouth. Ask your neighbors, your vendors, etc.
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IANYL and TINLA, but here are some links that could help: Word of mouth works well too, of course. It's possible that whoever you hire first may be able to recommend someone in the other profession.
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