Replacement cushion covers for Ikea Börje chairs
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I shrank the cushion covers for a couple of Ikea Börje chairs. How can I replace them?

I have a set of Ikea Börje dining chairs. The cushions have removable, replaceable covers; mine are the "Gobo white" color. I recently needed to wash a couple of these. I followed the directions as best I could, but apparently something went awry because they shrank and don't fit on the cushions anymore. So I need replacements.

I already wrote to Ikea, but they don't sell the covers separately. I can't find anyone else on the web selling them, either. Can you suggest where I might buy replacements that look similar to the originals? If it helps, the original covers were 100% cotton, and the cushion is about 1.5 inches tall, 15.25 inches long, 14.5 inches wide at the back, and 17.5 inches wide in front. I'm in Boston, if you want to suggest a local store.

Thanks in advance.
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How about hiring someone to sew new ones? Could you borrow a properly-sized one to measure?
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Best answer: Why not just get some nice fabric and a staple gun, and reupholster all chairs at once? Doing that on a Börje chair is about as easy as it gets, so you cannot really fail, even if you've never done it before.
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This should be dead easy for someone with sewing experience. Why not post a request on ?
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Best answer: effbot's got it. You can reupholster those in about 10-15 minutes per chair. Fabric should run you about 25 bucks.

Here are some pretty clear instructions:
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Response by poster: I just finished reupholstering the chairs as suggested, and they look great! Thanks everyone!
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