Export Google Desktop Cache to PDF?
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Is there a way to export my Google Desktop cache of webpages into PDF or plain text files? I frequently update my computer and although I include my Google Desktop indexes in my backups, for all practical purposes the browsing history is lost since there is no method to import a Google Desktop Index (You can restore an entire backup, but not import one into another). I'd like to be able to keep a PDF or plain text history of every web page I've visited. I've installed the PDFCreator toolbar, which allows one-click saving of a webpage, so I can save my history from here on, but I'd love to reach back in time and resurrect my browsing history stored in the Google Desktop Index.
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I don't know if this meets your needs, but Iterasi makes a browser plugin that saves copies of your pages.
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Response by poster: Hi emptyinside, I'm certainly open to suggestions on how to save my web history locally! Thanks for the reply :) If you come across any way to get my past web history out of my Google Desktop cache, please let me know!
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