Looking for headphones for listening stations
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Headphone solution x 2. I'm looking for two pairs of headphones to mate with some listening stations at my record store. One is for a unit that's on the floor and accessible to everyone so should be corded so it can't be stolen (it connects to the unit inside the machine). The other we'd like a wire-free pair... however, the listening station has no wireless/bluetooth. Is there a dongle or something that can solve this? In addition, what headphones would you recommend in general, that give good sound, fit many size heads, and are reasonably priced? Obviously, earbuds are not appropriate. Thanks!
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For the one on the floor, I would recommend the Koss Pro4AA, they're built like a tank, have a lifetime warranty, and are neither super-stylish nor super-expensive, but they do sound pretty good. No doubt, you can find a better price than the one on the Koss website.

Not sure about the wireless set, but there are definitely plenty of options out there of wireless headphones that connect through their own base stations.
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What kind of connectors does your listening station have? Just 3.5 mm? Or?
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There is a video from the last year or two of a pair of unbreakable mb quarts.

I think they are now called German maestro now.
Looks like something I would want in a retail environment.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far.

Here's a picture of the inside of the unit, Gucky.
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Don't forget to put bright stickers an/or an alarm-triggering whatchamacallit on them... too easy to walk out of the store with them, by accident or otherwise.
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