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Hello. I have lost my remote for my Sylvania SRT 2319 and am trying to program my Time Warner Universal remote to work with it. I have found the code and the remote will power on and off the TV but it will not control any other features. Any time I press the channel key or a number key the CBL (cable) device button blinks, like it's not registering as a TV button. Does that make sense? What can I do?
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I'll jump in to say that I'm having similar troubles programming any remotes to work with my 19" Sylvania TV (sorry, don't have the model number). Perhaps a known problem with Sylvanias?
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I'm trying to help my parents work out a similar issue. This does seem to be a widespread problem with Sylvania televisions. I found on several forums that there has been some success using Funai remote codes, Funai being the parent company of Sylvania, though I have not had an opportunity to test this.
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