A tree by any other name
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Plantfilter: Can anyone identify the species of tree in this image?

My better half needs to know the species of tree depicted here.

It's not sakura and having hunted around for plant finders, I have a hunch that it might be this, but I'm not sure.

What I know about identifying plants would fit on the head of a pin, so if any of you botanists or greenthumbs out there can help out, that'd be ace.
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If it helps, Pippa Lee was filmed in Southwestern Connecticut (where I grew up) and dogwoods are very popular. However, the petals on those are usually larger.
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Maybe peach blossom? It's really difficult to do it with the tree out of focus.
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And if it's a shrub, it could be a pink mountain laurel. Like this.
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Response by poster: There's a clearer image on the Japanese movie home page, but there's some ugly flash navigation to get through.

skip intro -> story -> page 4

Thanks for the answers so far.
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I think it's a plum tree; we have a row of them near where I live and in spring they are thickly covered in blooms like that picture, where you can hardly see any bark, for all the blooms. The ones near me are fruitless plums but there are many kinds of plums used as ornamentals; some have purple foliage all year, but that looks like green foliage.
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it looks like cherry to me, but it's hard to tell
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It looks like an ornamental flowering fruit tree: cherry or plum or something like that.
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Third-ing the cherry tree idea. We have one that looks just like that in our driveway.
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Oo posted too soon. Checked out the clearer picture and now I'm not so sure. I like fshgrl's ornamental plum idea. Those seem to have leaves among the flowers more frequently than cherry trees do.
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I can't be too useful here except to throw a little cold water...
Sakura is cherry. So if it's definitely not Sakura, then its not cherry.
The second pic you linked to is an apple tree. Which is not generally used as an ornamantal in an urban environment as pictured.
Good luck!
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It is almost certainly a cherry or plum or almond (all in the Prunus genus). There are so many, it's hard to tell from a blurry photo.
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I'm going to say flowering crabapple, which would fit with the Malus (apple trees in general) that you selected. We have a row of flowering crabapples in downtown Toronto that look very similar, with petals darker on the outside and lighter on the inside, and dense placement on the branch.
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Looks just like the crabapples that line the square in my little (Ohio) town. I think your hunch is pretty good.
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My vote is for crabapple because the closed buds seem dark pink, then lightening to pink and white as the flower opens; the petals aren't a uniform color.
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Response by poster: Almost certain it's not a cherry as in my experience, they tend not to have leaves when they flower, and the clearer image that I posted in my first follow-up shows that the way the flowers cluster is different to what you tend to get with cherry blossoms.

What you get in Connecticut may be a lot different than what you get in Tokyo, so hey, I could be wrong. Still haven't seen anything that looks closer than crabapple, though the mountain laurel also looked close.

The better half says that's close enough for her. Thanks all for your help.
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Cherries will flower with leaves, it just depends. I don't think there's any way to tell from that picture what it is definitively: could be cherry, plum, crabapple... there's dozens of varieties of each. I tend to lean toward crabapple, but there's really no way to tell from that photo alone.

The second pic you linked to is an apple tree. Which is not generally used as an ornamantal in an urban environment as pictured.

??? Flowering crabapples are often used in urban environments.
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Very late to the party here but could it be flowering quince?
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