Has anyone used the ColdAvenger?
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Has anyone here used the ColdAvenger mask before, particularly if you have asthma? (Non-asthmatics also welcome.)

A few days ago I came across a blog post on the ColdAvenger and thought it looked interesting since I have cold- and exercise-induced asthma. I generally don't do too much outside in the winter (the air can get pretty cold and dry here in MN), so something like this looked like it could make outdoor activities easier. But before spending $50 on a face mask, I'm curious if anyone else has had any experiences with it, with or without asthma, and what you thought. Thanks!
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I can't vouch for the ColdAvenger but I have cold/exercise induced asthma and have been very happy using a regular neoprene face mask for 1/4 of the cost. Don't let the nose hose fool you, I've spent a week in -30f weather at 9,000ft altitude and it's kept me warm and frostbite free, and breaths easily even through heavy exertion.
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erm... "...nose hole..."
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