Why would someone even smoke these things? It can't be the taste.
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Are Cigarillos used as a way to smoke drugs stronger than weed?

There are wrappers from cigarillos or other small cigars behind my house. Are they just a smoking fad or is there something more nefarious going on?
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no, i think just weed. or teenagers trying to be cool.
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When I was a teenager, my best friend and I would at times buy not only cigarillos but also King Edward or White Owl cigars. We thought it was pretty cool to smoke cigars. The wrappers you find might just be kids being experimental with tobacco alone.
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If they are specifically Black & Mild brand, that's been a gangsta thing for a long time. They smell really good but taste awful.
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Probably just smoking some blunts. Swisher Sweets are frequently used for blunts as are a lot of the other cigarillos (although not so much the Black & Milds, stupid white tip makes it a tiny bit more difficult and stoners are lazy).

Either that or they're just smoking em as is. I'm not aware of any other nefarious purpose for them besides blunts.
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Clove cigarettes and cigarillos are among habits that self-labeled hipsters in college pick up to appear quirky and non-conformist. Nothing nefarious, just pretentious...most likely.
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I would bet that yeah, it's just some kids smoking the cigars as is or using them to roll blunts.

However, you asked if cigarillos were used for any other drug partaking - and the answer is yes. The most common being what is referred to as woo, a woolly, a dirty blunt, a chewy blunt - it's a blunt sprinkled with, or otherwise laced with, cocaine (can substitute other narcotics and amphetamines as desired).
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Smoking fad. I'm in college, a lot of young people are into cigars now apparently.
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Cigarillos are horrible to roll blunts with. They're way too small, and emptying out all the tobacco without splitting the wrapper and then refilling the cylinder with pot is difficult and time consuming. No one does this once they learn how to actually roll a blunt unless they're already stoned and 'having a great idea.'

Granted, you can lace a blunt with anything you please, but it's unlikely that blunt is constructed from a cigarillo.
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Would any American kids be making cigarillos with weed? Thought that mixing tobacco and cannabis thing was only a European abomination practice.
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Blunts don't contain tobacco beyond the wrapper, and are definitely an American thing (unless there is some pre-hip-hop blunt culture that I am totally clueless about). Lots of Americans smoke spliffs (though probably not the same folks who smoke blunts), but I'm pretty sure that practice was imported from Europe.
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