I need to rent a mac or video editing space in Seattle. Any tips?
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I just got a new Canon T1i last week and have been going nuts with the HD video recording. But alas, I don't have my Macbook anymore and won't be able to afford one for a couple more months. Until then, I need to somehow edit the footage because I'm getting seriously antsy.

I did some googling for places, the only one that's sticking out is Victory Studios but they seem a little more high end for where I am at this stage of the game. I've also seen places for renting computers in Seattle, but the websites seem a little shiesty and honestly, I don't have good credit (although I'm sure I could convince my parents to help me out in that area)

Moneywise, most likey I can afford renting out either a place for a few hours a week, and I would be willing to pay even more to have the freedom to rent a computer and have it at my disposal at home.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
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You might be able to work out something on Craigslist for this. You might find someone who has an old laptop laying around that they're not even using. You meet at a coffee shop, pay him/her $20 or something for an hour or two, and you both come out ahead. Especially, say, if that person was going to be at the coffee shop with their own laptop anyway.
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Do you have any friends at a college or university who could log you on at a computer lab? I have never seen anyone check for any ID at any such computer lab in about ten years of (rightfully) using several university computer labs.
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Thinking about my last statement above, I have had my ID checked at "specialized" computer labs that are reserved for students in certain departments, but not ever in big common computer lab settings.
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Victory studios seems really pro. Is that what you need? What sort of software/hardware do you need?

Veggieboy's idea seems interesting but it depends on two things, 1, what software do you need and, 2, make it so the other person doesn't have to trust you too much. I mean to go to cafe and read for $20/ hour while someone uses my computer sounds like a great deal as long as they don't steal or in anyway fuck up my machine.
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