How do I find a dugout jacket for a team that's not local?
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Where do I find a jacket like this in Toronto? It's not the team that's important - it's the style and colour.

I can't believe I'm using a question on this, but I'm going to Egypt to visit my husband who loves these kinds of jackets.

The style of jacket I'm looking for is referred to a dugout jacket in baseball, I believe, but I'm not restricted to it being a baseball team. Because he is not from North America, he doesn't actually care what team it is - he just wants one that is either light green or orange. Unfortunately neither of those colours are associated with any of the home teams.

I'm going in under 2 weeks, and have lots of other things to do before that so I can't spend endless hours combing the city. I also don't have a car, so transit accessible is a bonus. I would be willing to order online if it was a Canadian retailer and delivery was guaranteed before I go, but I can't seem to find a site that fits those requirements.

Help this non-sports fan make her husband happy!
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Have you tried any of the NHL teams? will get you the NHL store with Canadian prices, and (maybe) they'll ship from a Canadian warehouse---if for no reason than to save them Customs crap for each individual order. Several teams have orange or green in their logos, and they're also starting to gear up for St Patrick's Day, so they have all sorts of random green stuff, like this oh-so-wrong green Pittsburgh Penguins track jacket.
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