Best place in Vegas to watch the Super Bowl?
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What's the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas?

General requirements: Big ass tvs... easily accessible from the Strip... all I can eat / drink... insanely fervent fans / other general mayhem. Not much of a gambler, but I'm not opposed to watching it in a casino at all.

Has anyone ever seen the Super Bowl at the Hofbrau Haus or something like that?
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How about the ESPN Zone at New York New York hotel?
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I love the sports book at Palazzo.
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Depends on what vibe you're looking for but if you want a heaping dose of "old school" vegas overkill, I highly recommend the Fireside Lounge (part of the peppermill restaurant). They have the requisite huge tv screens, but also fountains of fire. The place is (over)saturated with character, I don't know too many places in Vegas but I feel safe in saying you would be guaranteed to have fun.
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My BIL swears by the sports book at Caesar's Palace for watching the Super Bowl -- huge TV, great service, comfy chairs, etc. He makes an annual trip to Vegas Super Bowl weekend, and that's his spot. He's picky, too, so take it FWIW.
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Seconding Caesar's Palace. When we were there five or so years ago, we started the day in a bar somewhere on the floor -- which was packed with entertainingly belligerent drunks even at 9 am -- and ended watching the game in the sports book, standing with a huge crowd staring at huge monitors overhead. Fun crowd, too -- men in suits, women in evening gowns, all intensely interested in the game because they had ridiculous amounts of money riding on it.

We saw ads for sports bars with private parties, where you could pay a flat amount and hang out there for the day, but we were glad we chose to do the big casino scene instead.
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Gordon Biersch on Paradise Rd.
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Sounds like CP's Sportsbook is the way to go... that's pretty much what I'm looking for.

@jeremias Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to check that place out for dinner...
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