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I'm looking for an apartment on/near Capitol Hill in Seattle. Do you have any recommendations?

After years of having roommates, I'm looking for a one-bedroom apartment. I'm not a big fan of living by myself, but I've been trawling through the "rooms/shared" section of CL for months with no luck. I'm aiming for a March 1 move date, maybe Feb 15. My wish list:

1. Not a basement. I'm a little bit claustrophobic and I don't think that I could live in a basement apt.
2. Around $600-800 total.
3. Parking doesn't matter; I don't own a car.
4. Because I don't own a car, the closer it is to bus lines/grocery stores, the better.

Every other apartment building on the Hill has "for rent" signs up right now. I'm hoping to find "oh-my-friend-Clara-lives-at-this-great-building" recs. Feel free to memail me if you don't want your address/recs public. TIA.
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Emailing you now...
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Whoa, I'm sitting in pretty much exactly the apartment you're describing as I type this, except it's a $725/month studio. (Also, I'm hammered. Hey, it's CH at fucking 3am on a Friday night.) Just walk around the neighborhood, scope out buildings you like, give them a call, and set up a bunch of appointments.

Don't use CL (or any website) for Capitol Hill because every place that's posted online here gets an absurd number of replies. FWIW, I think the Top Pot neighborhood kicks the shit out of the Madison Market neighborhood (CHS explains), and every other micro-hood on the hill pales in comparison to those two. Though it's an awesome time to move here, you may not find a 1br in your price range, but I doubt you'll have a problem finding a nice place for a good rate.

Oh, and I started apt hunting 2 weeks before I moved in and I didn't run into a single building that couldn't accommodate that schedule (this was last May). They're desperate to fill vacancies up here.
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I think the Top Pot neighborhood kicks the shit out of the Madison Market neighborhood

I live in the Madison Market area and that post is, well, draw-droppingly uninformed, to put it nicely. Most of what is on that list is well SW of the Mad Market area, closer to downtown, or along the Broadway stretch.

There is no mention of Volunteer Park, the coffee shops, cafes and small businesses along 15th and 19th. and the numerous bus lines that intersect around 15th and John, etc. which leads me to think the person who wrote that article has probably not spent too much time here.

A walk-around is best, really, calling phone numbers as you go along. I see signs everywhere where I live.
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Before I bought my house, I had a lovely daylight basement apartment just off 15th, which ended up being great for me as I could have a little container garden just outside my door...not all basement apartments are terrible. But more importantly, I LOVED living near 15th. Two grocery stores, vet, yoga, hospital, lots of food options, great coffeehouses, and now a record store. If I was ever to go back to apartment living, I'd move back there in a heartbeat.

I discovered if you want a really great place, watch for a listing that advertises a short window for showing the place, and get there early. My old place was only showing from 11-1, no phone number, and I was the second person to get there and barely got it. Landlords know when they have something good and don't waste time or phone calls trying to sell it to people.
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While digging through the Seattle meet-up thread, I noticed that y2karl mentioned in his profile that he has a couple of CH apts for rent. No idea if they are still there or what they are, but might be worth a MeMail to ask. Always nice to support your own, ya know.
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um try housing resources group. I have some friends who've found nice apartments on cap hill and first hill. Rent is based on your income. Or move to beacon hill! that's where it's at.
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I lived below broadway (top pot area) it was very loud at 2am, i also lived above broadway around 13th which was more quiet all the time, and i enjoyed more, but was expensive at that time. I recommend that top of the hill area.
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