What to do with a gallon of tasty beef broth?
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My boyfriend made the most wonderful pot roast tonight (roast, carrots, potatoes, onion, spices) and we have about a gallon of yummy beef broth leftover. It seems a shame to dump it out. What can we do with it?
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It may not be the most elaborate or make the best use of the broth, but you can use that to boil skinned potatoes for some really yummy mashed potatoes.
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Strain it, freeze it, and use it for risotto later.
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Don't throw it out! Just freeze it and use it as soup base. If you have a few extra ice cube trays & enough room in the freezer, you can freeze it in portions that you can then use to flavor sauces. (Beef broth is great in small quantities in everything from spaghetti sauce to Bloody Mary mix.)
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A gallon?? really? that must have been one hell of a hunk of meat you cooked!

You could sautee a million sliced-thin onions in a little butter and/or oil until they are golden, then add the beef broth and a little ketchup, worcestershire sauce, a touch of tabasco if you want, and simmer for a long long time (well, say an hour). Then refrigerate overnight. The next day you will have really excellent onion soup. (It really is much better the second day.)

(I'd also keep the beef broth in the refrigerator overnight first, and the next day, skim off the fat, which will now be a well-defined crust on the top)
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Oh, man, don't waste it. But reduce it down first, then freeze it in ice cube trays. Then put the cubes in a ziplock or sealed plastic container, to prevent freezer burn, and use them for damn near anything that would be helped by a rich, meaty undertone flavor.
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DMelanogaster beat me to it: you have the base for French onion soup. Might want to reduce it a wee bit, but if it tastes good after you've cooled and skimmed, then no need.
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Make a huge pot of soup or freeze it for later use. You could make some good beef gravy by making a roux (butter and flour) then mixing in as much stock as you want.
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Nthing french onion soup. Saute onions for about 30 minutes on medium low until caramelized. Deglaze with red wine, add beef broth. Broil with rounds of bread and gruyere cheese.
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Yeah, it's easier to store when it's reduced some, but it's not necessary. But before you store it, do this: strain it through cheesecloth or an old (clean) dishtowel or an old t-shirt or whatever, put it in the fridge. In the morning, lift off the fat that's risen to the top, the stock will be kinda jelly-like beneath, this is a very good thing. Store it in the freezer in portions. I store my stock in half-pint and pint-size containers saved from olives and takeout. The icecube thing is handy, too. Or you can just pour it into freezer bags. (I do find that a pint is a handy size, so if you only have gallon bags, fill them about a quarter-full.)

Use it for risotto, as a base for soup (check out every single soup recipe ever and prepare to be a convert to that "preferably homemade" note on the stock), as a base for tomato sauce, as a liquid in which to cook vegetables, whatever.

And ohhhh yes french onion soup, though I would saute the onions longer and skip the ketchup (which i find too sweet).
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Oh, and don't skip the alcohol in the onion soup. Either red wine or sherry.
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Also nthing, freeze it either as soup, or freeze it as broth. Broth is more versatile, and good wherever water is in savory cooking, but frozen soup is very convenient. Just toss it in the microwave and you have dinner.
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I'd strain it, freeze it, and use it as the base for your next roast.
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Save some for au jus to go with French dip sandwiches.
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Not only risotto, but also rice, couscous - essentially, anything that absorbs water will absorb this broth to excellent effect.
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Make soup, but also make at least an ice cube tray's worth of reduced stock cubes and save them for making fresh vegetables tasty in two minutes.

Combo suggestions:
Peas with chopped onion
Green beans with marjoram (secret family ingredient!)
Fennel with butter and mint
Brussel sprouts & parmesan
Cabbage & apple
Garbanzo beans & red peppers
Carrots with raisins or currants
Mushrooms and rosemary
Parsnips, rutabagas, turnips, or any root veggies with garlic

Using your stock cubes will help all the flavors mingle and give it a yummy savory backbone, letting you throw together things you think might otherwise not go.
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Use the broth to cook Couscous, add veggies during the cooking, BINGO savory veggie no-hassle meal.
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Thicken and ladle over hot beef and mashed/smashed potatoes. Yum!
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