Request for help figuring out who "the one woman in the picture" is/was
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I saw a photo of a person so alluring that I have to figure out who she is! The problem is, I can't find the picture now. It made the rounds online, so I'm sure one of you can help me out. About the witch and the fox...

The image looks like it's from the seventies, with hypersaturated colors. There's a woman with wild, long orange-red hair and dark eye makeup holding a fox. If I were pressed for more details, I'd say that she had a old school witchy aura, so maybe she wore jewelry on her fingers and/or richly textured clothing.

I'm assuming this person is 'well known' enough that I can read up on her life a bit. She seems so fascinating!
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Do you know where you saw it?
posted by InsanePenguin at 8:34 AM on January 22, 2010

Was it this?
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...and there are quite a few returns of "redhead with a fox" in Google's image search. Unfortunately, most of them go back to that shutterstock website which lists the photographer, but not the model.

I should point out that there are worse ways to spend a Friday morning.</small.
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InsanePenguin, I saw it on Tumblr a whole bunch, maybe last summer. (I bookmarked it or something and proceeded to lose track of said bookmark.)

zadcat, she indeed might have been carrying a banjo -- which would add to why I'd be so intent on finding out who she was!

jquinby, thanks, but this person I'm thinking of was definitely wearing clothes. The picture had to have been shot with film -- and it most likely not for a soft core spread. ;) The fox was also a whole, live one.

Thanks for asking for details! *Fingers crossed*
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I don't know if I'll be much help finding it, but may I suggest Xmarks in the future? It's saved my ass more than a few times with exactly this.
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Oh wow, Xmarks looks awesome. Thanks! If I find this photo again, I'll be sure to use that.
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Xmarks is awesome. I loves it.
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I might be imagining the same photo you're thinking of. It sure sounds familiar, anyway.

If so, I think it's a vintage Playboy or other magazine cover from the late 60's or early 70's. Somewhere, there's an archive.
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I really don't think this was porn related in any way. Not that I have a problem with porn, but this picture didn't have that vibe at all. When I say that she looked 'old school witchy,' I meant that she seemed powerful and self-possessed and full of stories, not like 'I'm trying to seduce you.'

I should also clarify that my interest in finding this photo is not from thinking this woman is hot, but because she seems intriguing as a 'character' (for lack of a better word).
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If you can find the image again and are looking for some context for it, you might try a reverse image search like TinEye. They also have a Firefox plugin where you can right-click on any image to do a quick search. Handy stuff.
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All the following links might be NSFW.
There are several redhead tumblr sites (one, two, three and mostly boobs, four) one of them might have it.

It's also common to bookmark Tumblr images in Weheartit.
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i love tumblr, but tumblrs post so often that digging through the ones you shared (which are awesome, by the way) is about as daunting as google images.

if metafilter folk don't get to the bottom of this, i might make some tea and dig through the weheartit for redhead you provided. woudn't be the least fun thing i ever do.
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zadcat, she indeed might have been carrying a banjo -- which would add to why I'd be so intent on finding out who she was!

For the record, the "banjo" question was a joke.
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Neko Case has an album called Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. She is a redhead.
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I am a huge Neko Case fan! But that's not her.

I'm pretty certain that this photo was taken no later than the seventies.
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The photo doesn't ring a bell, but if you have an idea of which tumblr it was posted on, Tumblr Mosaic Viewer could help. It throws up thumbnails of all the images posted to a specific tumblr. You can scroll down forever (I think) and it loads very quickly, so it's great for fast scanning for a specific image.
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I have no idea what image you're looking for but it sounds like you are maybe describing a modern version of Lady with an Ermine?
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a search for "red hair fox" (not redhead) found me this rather witchy and intriguing young lady on Shutterstock.
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the photo i'm searching for is from the seventies. also, it does not involve even minimal nudity, and definitely no studio lighting.

thanks everyone for trying!
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Tumblr archives are actually pretty good-- they show a big grid of thumbnails. it's hard to look for a fox, but wouldn't you recognize the photo in a thumbnail?

and here's a fox holding a fox.
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My boyfriend (whom I stole the tumblr sites from) remembers seeing your photo recently and will look for it.
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