Help configuring VLC Media Player
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I am setting up a computer for an art gallery show, and I want to configure VLC to automatically launch and play a DVD in full screen mode when the computer boots. Can anyone recommend the best way to do this on a Windows XP system? Being able to disable the on screen transport controls would also be a plus.
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I looks like you can fire up VLC from the command line, so you probably only need to drop the appropriate invocation (pointing at F:\ or whatever your DVD drive is) into the Startup folder.
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Best answer: Ah, here are some examples for the player specifically - note the bit at the top regarding Windows-formatting of the options:
In most cases, vlc dvd:// or vlc dvd://[device] will do. [device] is for example /dev/dvd on GNU/Linux or D: on Windows (complete path to your DVD drive).

or (DVD without menus) :

% vlc dvdsimple://[device][@raw_device][@[title][:[chapter][:angle]]]
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Response by poster: Thank you Hive Mind! I need to play with it a bit but you've put me on the right path!
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