NYC to Du Bois and back again...
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Tomorrow, I'm going to be traveling from NYC to Du Bois, PA for a business trip. Essentially, I'll be driving along I-80 the entire way (roughly 4.5 hours). What are some places that I MUST stop at along the way? Restaurant suggestions and any other recommendations are welcome. I'm willing to take minor (i.e. 30 minute) detours. Thanks!
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Best answer: The World's Largest Hamburgers maybe?
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If you detour to State College PA (dead center of the state, approximately), which is about 20 minutes off of 80 -- 10 if you drive like me -- there are some cute places. The Tavern has some great German food but doesn't open until 5 PM, The Corner is famous for its grilled sticky buns, and Olde New York is great for German/Polish/generally Eastern European stuff.
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If the weather were warmer and leaves were on the trees, I would recommend the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.
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I too suggest a stop in State College, PA. Stop in at the Creamery on the Penn State campus if you're in the mood for ice cream. It's The Diner (not the Corner) that has the grilled sticky buns -- the Corner Room is also excellent food. Herwigs has some great food too if you want something German-like; it's Austrian (all of these restaurants are along the same stretch of road in the downtown area; College Ave).
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Martin Guitars in Bethlehem (I'm pretty sure it's less than 30 minutes south of I-80) offers free factory tours.
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