Peace dress for baby
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Twirls & Twigs is a (new to me) brand of children's clothing. Their "peace dress" is adorable and deeply desired as a gift for my favorite new mom. I have googled and sought it everywhere I can think of to no avail. I would like it in a small (infant) size, but if I can find it in any size, I would be thrilled. Anyone?
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Um...This one?
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Response by poster: Dilettante, thanks, this is actually a different one than the one I've seen elsewhere which can be seen (I hope) here:

It's a " A long sleeve elastic scoop neck dress with smocking around the neckline, and a perfect peace sign is printed just above the contrasting double ruffled hem."
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mmf, that link requires a login. Also, if that link is to the product you are looking for what's the problem?
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Have you tried contacting the company?
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Response by poster: travis08,
I should have made it clear, it's sold out on that site.
But I will def. try the links on the page you posted. I did not see that on their site when I looked. Thansk!
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Since this isn't a final sale Hautelook will likely offer Twirls & Twigs again, and there's a chance the dress you want will get returned. It's a long shot, but worth a try if all else fails.
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