Auto-printing for a time-strapped student
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How can I get a program to access the classroom sharing site Sakai (I am a student) and get the new materials posted there to be print automatically?

The pharmacy school I go to uses a web-based information sharing program to hand out course materials. The trouble is that Sakai is a huge PITA to navigate and print from. The course coordinators constantly add and update materials on the website, and I spend inordinate amounts of time on Sakai.

There is a feature of Sakai that allows me to add each class as a network location, and then download the resources right out of folders. So, if there is a program that can detect changes in network folders that would work for my purposes too.

Of course there is also the matter of automatic printing of those changes...

Any thoughts on how one might accomplish this? How about alternative workarounds?
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Are you on a mac? You should be able to set up automator scripts to monitor a folder for changes and print docs based on that.
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