NYers on UHC, let's trade doctor recommendations!
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New Yorkers on United Health Care: care to recommend (or warn against) an orthopedist, gynecologist, general practitioner, etc, etc?

I need those three right now, but other specialties are welcome too. I live in Manhattan, UES, but if your doctor is awesome I would consider going to other boroughs to see him/her.

In exchange, let me recommend Dr. Joanna Chapin, psychiatrist; and warn against Dr. Barbazan Silva, general practitioner. Let me know if you'd like me to elaborate ;-)
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My MD and ob/gyn is Dr. Ruth Lesnewski on 13th Street just east of Union Square. I like her a lot; nice, approachable, good sense of humor.

Actually, I've also visited two other doctors in that same office when I had to see a doctor and she had the day off -- Dr. Ginger Gillespie, an OB/GYN, and Dr. Teets, a GP (don't remember his first name), and they were both good also. I know the least about Dr. Teets, because I only saw him when I had a fever and a sore throat, but he was friendly and approachable, and seemed to have an amusingly low-key sense of humor (his reaction when he saw my tonsils was a chuckle and the quip, "well, THOSE are certainly impressive"). Dr. Gillespie I only saw the once, because she handled all visits relating to the the unusual form of contraception I was using; she really took her time with my visit.

So, the whole office is actually good, now that I think of it.
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My former ob/gyn recently reduced his practice to his Manhattan office only, sadly. But I can recommend him: Dr. Callipari. He was nice, quick and the staff at the Mount Sinai affiliated offices are nice.
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I hate Downtown Women Ob/Gyn in Soho. I know a few people who have tried them (for both gyn and ob), including myself, and all of us had bad experiences. No calls back, unreasonably delaying answers on urgent issues, reimbursement/advance pay problems, etc.

As a GP, Dr. Hammer at Gramercy Park Physicians is FANTASTIC. I have recommended 3-4 different people to him, and all have been pleased. I've recommended him on AskMe before. He's a great doctor, but as I said previously - the wonderful thing is that he sits in his office with you at the beginning of every visit, to understand why you have come in. Only then does he get the basic assessment stuff (blood pressure, etc.) and do tests as necessary. No sitting naked in a cold room waiting before you even see the doc.

(Note: I am on a United Health / Oxford plan based in CT, used to live in NYC.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, that's very helpful.
I forgot to add one of my recommendations, probably the top one: Dr. Donald Smith at Mount Sinai. He's a cardiologist but he takes care of my thyroid issues too. One of the best, kindest and most thorough doctors I've ever been to.
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Dr. Lesnewski doesn't seem to be on ob/gyn, but a family practice physician. She seems to deal with reproductive and women's issues, but I don't really get the idea of going to someone who's not a gyn. I looked her up because I, too, am looking for a new gyn on United Health/Oxford.
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Dr. Jeffrey Graff, cardiology and internal medicine, is a great guy too. Which reminds me I kinda need to schedule another visit...
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I've never had a problem with Downtown Ob/Gyn.
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