Library tracker for the iPhone?
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Is there an iPhone app out there that allows me to keep track of all my books? Preferably one where I can add the books on the web and sync to the iPhone?

It seems like there must be, but I'm searching for the wrong thing, maybe? We're building baby.mfx's library and it would help if I had a master list somewhere to share with the grandmas, etc. Bonus if it lets me include a wish list.

(Why doesn't amazon let me sync my wishlist to my iPhone somehow, come to think of it. Or does it? or maybe that would facilitate me buying stuff from it somewhere other than amazon and so they don't want me to. Harumph.)
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Don't have an iPhone anymore but.. google says

Book Library

Sounds cool.

I've always wanted to organize my stuff like this, but then always asked myself: Why?
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Response by poster: floam, delicious library looks lovely. another reason to consider a mac the next go round.... sad for us PC users. But that would be perfect!
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The iPhone version of Delicious Library was pulled from the app store, unfortunately.
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You could use GoodReads: it's possible to sync your amazon wishlist with it on the main webpage, and it apparently has a web app.
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Sounds like a job for LibraryThing!

For mobile functions, have a look at the tools page, which also includes an iPhone 'local' app.
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what about using librarything? it's not stored locally on your phone, but it's a webapp - you can access it from your phone's internet connection (and anywhere else).

The free account lets you catalog 200 books, the paid version is unlimited. A lifetime membership costs 25 bucks. The catalog supports bar codes, and you can pull from dozens of online databases to populate your library.

You can also export your catalog for offline backup.

I've been a member for a few years, and I switched to a lifetime membership almost immediately after trying them out. 1600+ books in the active collection... haven't regretted it.
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that's what I get for being slow with the response - when I first opened the tab to respond, dave hadn't responded yet.

preview is for... umm... people who preview
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I think Delicious Library has an app that syncs with the Mac only desktop software. It is kind of expensive, but it is well designed and publishes directly to the web.
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lakerk: "I've always wanted to organize my stuff like this, but then always asked myself: Why?"

For times when you're at the library and think "oh, I should see if they have any books by that woman, the one who wrote that book I read five months ago, oh, what was her name..." as happens to me far too often.
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