Where to go for free chin ups in NYC?
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I want to do some chin ups and other random exercises outside in New York City...

I am totally blanking on what they are called, but I remember when I was a kid there were many parks in Atlanta where there were basic exercise equipment for adults: chip up bars, balance beams, log things you could lift, and whatnot. Last time I used one of these was in Stockholm, so I have no idea what they are called, just that they were fun, outside, free, and I want to find such a thing in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Any tips?
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Best answer: Coney Island comes to mind, but:

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There's a small area just like that to the immediate south of the track in the East River Park.
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Best answer: Seconding the area by the track on the East River. I call it the prison gym - pull up bars, dip bars, sit-up benches, push-up stations.

If Bloomberg is so adament about public health, he should add more of these.
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There are "traveling rings" in Riverside Park at 105th st that are actually really difficult. Also, they're right next to a cafe and dog run.
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