Should I keep waiting for the Win7 upgrade or move on?
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Request for advice: Should I keep waiting for my Windows 7 upgrade before I load up my shiny new PC?

In December I purchased a new PC from the Lenovo outlet. It came with XP loaded, downgraded from Vista, eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrade.

My plan was to continue using my old PC for the time being, then do a clean install when Win 7 arrived before loading all of my software and swapping myself out to the new machine. Problem: though I ordered the upgrade several weeks ago it hasn't even been shipped yet. Ouch. Reading forums I understand I can expect to wait a long time for my $17 free upgrade.

So should I revise the plan? Conceivably I can use the restore disks that came with the machine to bring it to Vista, which I have never used, load software, use, then upgrade when 7 arrives. Or I can follow the instructions on Lifehacker and in other places to do the more complicated XP to 7 upgrade, which I am a little concerned is beyond my capabilities. Or something else?

Any advice for me?
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If it's an upgrade disk you will have to have a previous OS from Microsoft loaded for the upgrade to do anything. Otherwise it won't work anyway.
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Yeah, reading fail there. You already get the need to have an OS running bit. Never mind...
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That isn't strictly true; even if you have an upgrade disk if you have your serial from whatever the previous windows you have installed is you can do a clean install and then call Microsoft with both keys and they will activate your installation. I just did this for my mother. I highly recommend a clean install any time you change OSes.

Also the XP -> 7 path I've heard is a mess and not worth futzing with. The Vista -> 7 might be smoother.
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The Vista > 7 upgrade is very easy.
7 resembles Vista, though rather nicer.

If it were me, I would carry on with XP until the upgrade arrives, then do a system backup to an external drive (saves program & personal files).
See if the $17 upgrade comes with instructions for upgrading directly to 7; if they are over your head, then I would:
1. backup as mentioned
2. migrate to vista
3. upgrade to 7.
4. if your data was not maintained (not sure if #2 involves wiping the drive, it might not), update from backup.
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yikes, don't upgrade xp -> 7. Don't upgrade Vista -> 7 unless you have to. Upgrading always leaves crap behind, clean installs are much better.

Do you know what version of 7 you're getting (home premium etc?). You can either grab a disk from a friend or I think even from microsoft, running it in evaluation mode for 30 days, then input your key when your license/disk arrives. (Extend the evaluation period up to 120 days using
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