How can I see every season of The Amazing Race?
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How can my wife and I watch every season of The Amazing Race? We've become hopelessly hooked on this show. We've downloaded the last three seasons at iTunes. We've grabbed seasons one and seven from Netflix. But there are still ten seasons of sheer awesomeness remaining. Is there a way to get them? (Legal methods preferred.)
posted by jdroth to Media & Arts (12 answers total) 8 users marked this as a favorite seems to have a fairly comprehensive archive of "The Amazing Race" seasons 1-15. That's where I get my Mythbusters fix, too.
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There are sites dedicated entirely to tv torrents. IANAL, but sharing these torrents is probably not completely legal.
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Mod note: Please leave the torrent links and the arguments-about-torrenting out of the thread.
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eBay probably won't work for legal copies of seasons other than one and seven; I don't think that the other seasons were ever released on DVD. You may not be able to purchase these shows legally. I imagine that you could try to borrow them from a friend who tapes television compulsively, or someone who has a gigantic TIVO drive, but unfortunately I don't think you're going to have much luck going a legal route with this.

You could try writing to the people who own the distribution rights (although I doubt that you would get very far with this, unfortunately). From this forum, it looks like it might be Touchstone Pictures.
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Continue renting them from Netflix? They seem to have all 10 seasons there.
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er, disregard. I only see the "SAVE" buttons there. My bad.
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Fox Reality Channel tends to air complete seasons on a semi-regular basis, so if you have them as part of your cable package, check out the schedule and you might luck out.
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I love TAR too, unfortunately as you've discovered only Seasons 1 and 7 are out on official DVD releases. The other legal option is to wait for it to get picked up for cable syndication again: Game Show Network ran 1-8 in 2005, Fox Reality runs seasons 9-11 on and off, and the Travel Channel broadcast 12-14 in 2008. The TWOP forums are the best place to keep an eye on to learn about upcoming reruns.

Don't kill yourself trying to locate TAR 8, they never leave the United States. Blah.
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Yet another example of how an illegal method is actually the best market answer for your demand. BitTorrent has torrents of the entire season, zipped, ordered and compressed for efficiency. Done.
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There's also an Amazing Race Asia that's completely in English with pairs from around Asia. We saw season 3 and it was as good, if not better, than the US version.
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TAR8 did eventually leave the US, but yes, I would leave that one off your list of awesome. Now let us never speak of it again.
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