Where can I find information on good "international" TV shows (I'm located in the US)?
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Where can I find information on good "international" TV shows (I'm located in the US)?

I recently started watching Anime and it's made me realize that I know nothing about the rest of the world's TV programming. I'm looking for a blog or database or just some sort of list of great TV shows from countries other than the US. I finished the Wire and I'm about to finish The West Wing, so I think I've almost entirely exhausted all that the US has to offer for really high quality TV programming. Help me before I have no shows to watch!!
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Try here for starters.
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Also, UK, Japan, South Korea are fertile pastures. Oceania somewhat. Latin America, Continental Europe, Rest of Asia NOT.
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I'll bite...if you like the wire, you will love these...

City Homicide - Excellent detective drama with uncanningly suprising storylines
Underbelly - AWESOME mob/drug crime series based on real life Oz gangsters. Two seasons have been completed, third airs this year.
Rush - Another good crime drama.

Trailer Park Boys - It has been a hit in the USA, but all seven seasons and 2 movies are worth it.

Spooks - MI5 UK drama where the good guys don't win all the time. This is a must see, all 8 seasons are worth it. Covers the UK with a much broader global perspective.
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The UK's Peep Show -- All the seasons except the last are on Hulu right now.

If you have Netflix there's a bunch of UK TV programming for rent. I loved the series State of Play and Life On Mars but never saw the US versions of them.

And the UK Office which is a much better in my opinion (and really nothing like the US version except the both take place in offices) is on [adult swim] now.
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