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In OSX, say you have a folder that is often populated with subfolders containing RAR archives spanning multiple files named either in a format like filename.rar, filename.r00, ... filename.r10 or filename01.rar, filename02.rar, .. filename10.rar. How would you create a folder action, be it mostly Automator, Shell or Actionscript or any other tool based, that would automatically extract the contents of these archives once (and only once) when they are added?
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Download The Unarchiver and make it the default application for .rar files. You can then just add an Open action to your Applescript.
posted by Mr. Anthropomorphism at 7:49 PM on January 15, 2010

Oh, and as far as the "once and only once," The Unarchiver extracts rar's to a folder and disposes of the archive automatically.
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I also need to filter out non-rar files that may be added at the same time. Unarchiver throws an error if I don't, and I haven't been able to properly filter even with logic that seems sound to me.
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