What causes intermittent blurry vision?
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Have there been any reports of laser eye surgery causing periodic blurry vision in both eyes?

A friend of mine wore contacts for years, and about 10 years ago got laser surgery which left his vision quite good. About a month ago, though, he started having occasional bouts of blurry vision. They last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours, and he can't see anything on a computer screen - unfortunately his job is all computers. He can see some basic stuff, and he doesn't have problems navigating, but he is troubled by these.

An ophthalmologist sent him for diabetes testing, because he is overweight, but it came back negative. They said "whatever else it might be, it's something very rare."

What could be causing this? It happens on a near-daily basis and it's very troubling to him. Any input would be helpful! (I'm hoping it's not related to the laser surgery; it IS in both eyes.)
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I don't know, but when I was researching before my PRK laser eye surgery, the D'Eyealogues forum was useful. Might be a better place to ask.
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I have heard of this -- as well as floaters, bright spots, and light sensitivity all being side effects of laser surgery. The lasik page itself lists many of the possible consequences of the procedure. 'Haze' located halfway down the page, sounds like what your friend may be experiencing.
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I'm not much help, but I had laser surgery 11 years ago, and have never experienced blurry vision. Maybe he should see his general practitioner? Not to be a Debbie Downer, but MS can cause blurry vision...
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I have found that dehydration can cause blurriness. I had laser eyes done about 9 years ago. It was pretty constant the first couple of months, but that was because of the surgery and my eyes getting used to things again, but his was 10 years ago.
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There was a recent story on NPR about laser eye surgery... Maybe there would be some resources for your friend.
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oops, link
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If your friend is in DC, and his regular eye doc is convinced this is something rare, he would probably be best-served by the docs at the Wilmer Eye Clinic at Johns Hopkins. It's a large teaching ophthalmology institution; he would have access to the best possible care conducted by the guys who are setting the pace for everyone else. He should probably ask about a referral.
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Thanks to everyone for the responses! MS has occurred to me, and I mentioned it to him. He's going back to the ophthalmologist soon for further investigation. Unfortunately I don't think there's going to be an easy answer, but hopefully they'll be able to come up with something.
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