Photos need mailing... badly.
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Romancingfilter: Help me package photos to send overseas

I need to send 30 photos or so overseas. I want to send them so that they're safe, and don't get bent in transit, but also so they're packaged attractively. I'd like to make an envelope out of nice paper, but I don't know how to make an envelope.

Any ideas? Tips on envelope-making?
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If you're looking for an envelope tutorial, something like this gives a simple tutorial.

However, if you're more generally looking for advice on how to send a large number of photos safely and attractively, I would recommend buying a small gift box from a stationary shop and placing photos inside, possibly wrapped in tissue paper. The box will obviously keep the photos from being bent, and you could either slip the box into a larger, normal postal envelope to protect it or wrap the whole box securely in brown paper.
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Why don't you mount them in a book. You could use a photo book, or a sketch pad and glue and or photo corners. Then make a nice packet/box.
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Best answer: I work for Canada Post and this is my dream question....

For photos, if you really want to be sure they won't bend, and won't get damaged, I recommend:

#1. Two pieces of sturdy cardboard cut to at least the size of the photos, larger will be better
#2. A plastic envelope - often the post office has envelopes for sale basically made out of bubble wrap - these are perfect. You can also find cardboard like envelopes that will do the same, but plastic is better to protect from moisture.
#3. Feel free to write "do not bend" all over the outside, but be warned that machines and piles of other mail can't read!

For an attractive package I would put your photos in a nice envelope - maybe make one yourself or what ever, include your letter and whatnot. Then put between the cardboard and slip in a bubble mailer. You can decorate the outside however you want, as long as the address is clear.

A box as mentioned above is also fine, just make sure your photos are in a sturdy cardboard sandwich and that there is some sort of plastic protection (ie tape up the box). Boxes can get crushed, and other boxes can leak liquids.

Also - if this is going overseas it's better to have a plain package and then save the fun for when you open the package - some countries have a problem with enticing packages going missing. A lot of mail I have sent/been sent to me from North America to Europe and Asia has "gone missing".
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