What's the name of that site with shared community passwords?
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I know I've seen the site before, but after repeated searching through Metafilter and Google, I still couln't find it. Where is the site that has community passwords so you don't need to register for many websites ranging from news sites to random sites.
Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong spot for this.
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posted by muckster at 12:46 PM on January 22, 2005

Hmmm...quick answer: Bugmenot
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Response by poster: Thanks
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If you use Firefox, this extension is particularly helpful.
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purephase, how does it work?
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matteo, when you are on a login page you can select bugmenot from the context menu. This opens a popup with the login and password provided for the site (if there's one available, of course). The newer versions of this extension may fill in the fields directly.
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i can confirm that the newest version fills in the fields automagically....it is wonderful to say the least.
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The newest Bugmenot extension also only shows up in the context menu when you select it from inside a form field. A nice touch that confused many, unfortunately.
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For anyone who hits news login pages a lot, that spectacular bugmenot extension is reason alone to switch to firefox. Right click and you're in. ("Automagically" is a fantastic word.)
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I just came across that word today, in the book How To Read Donald Duck. From the footnote: "A word-play on the advertising slogan for a washing machine, which cleans 'automagicamente' (automatically and magically)."
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I discovered "automagically" from the wonderful Hacker's Jargon Dictionary (available in millions of places since I first saw it online in 1994). People, even senior manglement, rarely need to have it explained in context.
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Oh and yes, this was exactly the place to post this, Like the Reef.
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