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Is there a good iPhone app for documenting menstrual cycles and fertility related stuff?

With hundreds of apps out there, I wouldn't know which one could be best.
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I'm using the Fertility friend. I just use it for menstrual reminder. It looks like it's got good support for Fertility awareness on it's website, but the iphone app doesn't do tracking for temperature.
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I use period plus, which is free, and I love it. The same people also make lady biz, which is paid and has many more features, including fertility/pregnancy tracking. You can also track breakouts, pms, breast tenderness, heaviness if flow, and sexual intercourse (all included in the free version as well). You can also set up your own things to track, either as a yes/no on/off kind of thing, or as a gradient from 1 to 5. It's quite handy and intuitive.
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I use wCalendar and think it's peachy keen.
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What fertility stuff do you want to track? I use Free Menstrual Calendar by Tamtris Web Services. It's worked well for me for tracking my period, predicting my period, and keeping running stats on period data. It allows you to check off days you've had intercourse, but nothing more than that unless you use the Notes section to add your own data longhand like basal temps, cervical fluid, etc. It won't turn that stuff into graphs, though.
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Links: Lady Biz, Period Plus
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I like Period Tracker, and it's only gotten better since I first downloaded it. Keeps track of a lot of period-related data, symptoms, temperature, weight, mood etc. and generates graphs based on this info. Also has space for your own notes, overall easy to navigate and use, has a pregnancy mode too.
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I use and like iPeriod.
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FYI: cocoagirl's Free Menstrual Calendar is the same as the one I mentioned above.
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AppBox Pro has a ton of useful utilities and includes a pregnancy planner.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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Fertility Friend's mobile site works well on my iphone, and does temperature tracking.
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Have you checked out Monthly Info? It's a web application.
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