Mon Khwan folding cushion
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Has anyone seen a store in Toronto with one of these triangular Thai folding cushions for sale?

Our cat tore up the one my wife brought home from a Thailand holiday many years ago. I got rid of it (somewhat insensitively) and now I'd like to surprise her with a replacement. I've found one online but can't seem to get a response from the retailer. Extra points if you've seen one with that's the same colours as the one in the photo. Thanks.
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I've seen them at Urban Outfitters in the past (in several color combinations, I think) -- do you have one of those near you? Might be worth a look at their site.
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Kensington Market would be my first stop if I had to look randomly for something like that, more specifically the housewares stores along Augusta.
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Without knowing for sure, I would definitely try "el Mundo de DiseƱo", which is on Queen Street West, across the street from MuchMusic, beside the New Tribe tattoo and piercing place. They have a pretty extensive selection of cushions and furniture from around the world (check out their 2nd floor selection too...).

There's also a similar store on Yonge Street, North of Bloor, South of Davenport, on the West side. I don't remember the name of the store, but they might have what you're looking for.
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Best answer: You could call Kuda Furniture to see if he knows where to get them. He deals in mainly wooden Thai furniture.
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But there are a bazzillion retailers who sell them on line. Try another one if you can't fined one in a brick and mortar.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I called Kuda, they had them in stock and I picked one up this afternoon. My sweetie is pleased.
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